May 13 – Day 250!

Sometimes, things just snowball ;-)

I used to have a great assistant, Chris, at the beginning of having my own law firm. (She, VERY SADLY, retired once she was of age to get social security – still miss her!) She had worked at my Big City Law Firm, and unfortunately they’d done a few stupid things, leading to her getting permanently disabled. (What sort of stupid things could get someone permanently disabled? Well, how’s about completely re-rigging the secretary/word processor stations so that you couldn’t “see” the computers if you were walking down the hall – meaning, all the computers and keyboards were completely unergonomic – and no matter how much she complained about it or tried to put her screen up on books, etc., they kept “citing her” for doing it – so ultimately, yup, like 4 carpal tunnel and neck surgeries later – POOF disabled.)

Oh – but I digress (how unusual!)

Chris used to commute into the city on the transit bus from Petaluma – which is a LONG WAY. She would get up at something like 5:00 a.m. to get to work on time and not get home until like 8 p.m. She raised two daughters, had community interests, paid her bills, went to the gym, and did this.

After she was just working for me (which was mostly virtual), she commented at one point that she couldn’t figure out how she could have DONE what she used to do. Meaning – that she was NOT working 40 hours a week, commuting, etc. – but seemed to still be running around like crazy.

That’s how I feel!

I am lucky to not have to work all that hard. Now, mainly that’s because I am The Best Wife Ever. My husband has a SUPER stressful job, and my “job” (as his career has advanced) is basically to take better and better care of him. I still have my law firm, still make $ on an MLM and also on my books. But I don’t have that 40+ hour a week job, commuting, etc.

And STILL I wind up not having “time enough” to do everything I want to do! HOW could that happen?!?!

Anyway – so I haven’t blogged for a while (my daughter nudged me about it today ;-) ) I have had some great stuff happen – got to spend some time with the grandboys which was a BLAST, been on a couple of weekend trips with the hubby, been shopping for a new car.

I have been going to Crossfit – and doing my work trade at yoga, and SOMETIMES even USING the yoga.

I am back doing a fantastic learning class with JLI on Wednesday nights, and Thursday nights, I’m doing Archery with my friend’s daughter Kat (which is a BLAST, I have to say!)

But I have stuff popping up constantly to “remind me” that I haven’t done my GiveIt100, my EveryMove, MyFitnessPal, name-that-tune.

I think that “way back when” I was actually sitting at a desk in the city every day, I somehow had “more time” to do things like that. Because you always had “lag” time – and you were in an office (not at home). When I have “lag time” at home, there’s always a cabinet to re-arrange or a shelf to tidy (or, face it, the cat to play with).

Today I did have a couple of billable client things to do – but I’ve been trying to clean out my account some, before heading off to a walk with a friend in Tam Valley. I use FollowUpThen to “push forward” things that I want to read, or do, or reply to. The problem is that I just keep forwarding them! So I actually watched/read/replied to some, so I feel like I’ve gotten them a bit more manageable.

I started ANOTHER new eating thing today. Yes, yes, once again. I did a 21 day “Challenge” with some friends, and though I ate as I do (no gluten, blah blah blah) – plus this one allowed one glass of wine a week – I didn’t lose a pound OR any % of fat. So I’m going off the rails a bit.

I spoke with a friend, who is a nutritionist from Ecuador. This plan is based on alkaline/acid balance, and is quite regimented. As in, you have to weigh all your food (she loaned me a scale). It’s eating VERY different things that I’ve eaten in the past while. Her point is that I’m over 30 pounds higher than where I want to be, and have been for a LONG TIME now. Nothing seems to budge it. So she’s putting me on this plan, and we’re going to see how it goes. It’s very different than anything I’ve ever done. But her theory is that if I can get my body fat % down, FAR down, then I can add back things after that, and even if I fluctuate some, I’ll be at or around “goal.”

So, what does it consist of? Basically, eating every 2 hours – black coffee, 2 pieces gluten-free/yeast-free bread (I’m doing English Muffins) and 2 oz part skim cheese for breakfast, snack of 8 oz watermelon or 2 tangerines, lunch of 3 oz chicken, ear of corn, greens with lemon (asparagus, spinach, salad greens), snack again (or a glass of a protein shake if I work out – that’s what replaces the snack either morning or evening after Crossfit), dinner same as lunch. Herbal tea and 10 glasses of water during the day. It comes out to about what I have been eating “calorie-wise,” but it contains a lot of foods I haven’t had in forever (bread, cheese, fruit). What the Hell. At this point, I’ll try anything – SERIOUSLY!

Yesterday, I ran with the Hash House Harriers for the first time in YEARS. A friend wants to hash in Brunei and Borneo, and so wanted me to “take her” to a Hash basically. She’s a FAR better runner than I am – especially as I haven’t run AT ALL since September when I did the last Nike! Just a few 200m or 400m “here and there” at Crossfit. So we went, I basically clued her in on the do’s and don’ts of hashing, and she loped off (laugh). Seriously – it was BRUTAL. It went up to Coit Tower, up Little Lombard, up the Coit Gardens, around and up over Broadway and some hills over there – yes, we went down, too, but it was mainly stairs, stairs, and ridiculous climbs, with long, straight runs in between. NOT a “clever” Hash at all, and it basically knocked me out! It also went WAY later than I’d thought, because it was a “wine stop” run. What that means is that 3 times during the run, there is a 5 liter box of Franzia merlot along the way, and you can’t “progress” until the entire box of wine is drunk. Yeah, really. I was wearing a white shirt, so begged off (she doesn’t drink) – but there were certainly enough people to make that wine disappear. AND there was a beer check, too, then beer at the end. Ah, the Hash LOL.

It’s supposed to be 100 degrees today and HOTTER tomorrow. What a SMART idea to be going off hiking with a friend now at the heat of the day! (laugh). Well, off I go – then to Crossfit with H.


2 thoughts on “May 13 – Day 250!

  1. I would starve if I ate like that..! :)

    Have you ever looked into the concept of Eat More, Weigh Less? I know it’s pretty counter-intuitive but with your level of activity, could be just something else to try!

    Do you log your food?

  2. Yes, that’s how I ate to lose back when I “thought” I had a bit too lose….and ballooned 20 lbs and it had stubbornly clung on since. And yes, I have logged my food for a year now.

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