March 10 (day 186) – a restart (sort of)

My TAR buddy Moddie and I worked yesterday supporting the LLS Team In Training Tri team in their first open water tri. Go Team!

The current was SO STRONG in Paradise Park that I wasn’t even able to stay on top of the surf board. Holy cats. I tried, but I couldn’t paddle in place fast enough! So I wound up holding onto the board, treading water for about two hours. And then, I slept all day. Yes, I really did. Because H had a bunch of “honey do” chores for me, I told the Team that I didn’t want to SAG (if you don’t know what SAG is, it’s driving around supporting the bike leg of the tri, making sure that folks haven’t broken down, helping them if they have, etc. – don’t know what S.A.G. stands for). I am usually asked to SAG because we have a van (also why Moddie and I are a prime water team – she has a contact with a board and a kayak, I have a van to carry them!) Anyway – I got home, and fell asleep on the couch until 6:30!!! H woke me up at I want to say like 3 or 4, and then I did make a very faboo dinner, but I spent the rest of a beautiful day cutting Z’s! (I have a sore throat now, so I have a feeling that being in the Bay for 2 hours just sped up my FINALLY getting H’s cold. Harrumph.)

And, on the “Spring Forward” day too, I might add – H just laughed as he curled up in the nice, warm bed when I got up at 6:00 a/k/a 7:00 a.m.!

Somehow, I’ve fallen off the TAR “wagon” a bit. Moddie and I talked about this Sunday. She’s done it too. I think that both of us are in the situation where we don’t have a “goal” that we’re working towards, so we slack off a bit, slack off a bit, then…stall. If we absolutely KNEW that TAR had picked us (come on, TAR!), you KNOW that we’d be working out like banshees, eschewing food/drink that’s bad for us (WHO went to In-And-Out Burger after the Bay lifeguarding? OMG that couldn’t have been ME was it??), etc.

There’s that “scare” factor when you know you have a marathon, tri, etc. coming up in T-minus-X days, that gets you out there on that run, bike, or in the pool.

Anyway – so today, though I didn’t make it to Crossfit this morning, I’m re-energized to get back in the saddle. I have to do 3 videos (being in Hawaii set me back on that two weeks!), do yoga today (I have work-trade, so I’ll go to the 1:30 class), and I need to think about doing another GiveIt100 that’s related to mobility and core.

There’s a gal on GiveIt100 I’ve “made friends” with, and she actually sent me a note saying “Where oh where” did I go – :-) She wants to do sort of a “tag team” GiveIt100 – which I wholeheartedly support. She wants to climb stairs on her side. I suggested that we do it in Tabata format – she could do Tabata on stairs UP on one day, DOWN on the next. I’d do Tabata situps, and I was going to do burpees on the other day, but I’m actually thinking that I need to “make myself” do mobility exercises tied to squatting, so I might do that instead. GiveIt100 does seem to work for me.

I have SO many “logging” things that I’m tied to, it’s funny. I just “caught up” my page – though I haven’t been wearing my BodyBugg for a while (again, Hawaii is the culprit there).

Moddie suggested that we get going on the whole “carrying packs up a hill” exercise we discussed, which I agree about. She found a super steep hill near her house (in Mill Valley) that she said would be perfect for it. So we have to set some dates for that.

I don’t have a lot of work to do – which I’m not very happy about on the one hand (no money coming in) but of course love on the other (ability to noodle around online, and if I get my act together, work on my physicality).

So that’s my update. OH, and I have $100 “worth” of private sessions that I can use at the box ($50 for each person I got to sign up to do Conditioning – yes, I made a deal with the box owner), which means 2 sessions with Sera (who is the cheapest at $50 – Bill is next at $55). I want to do the “1 rep max” stuff. I also need to work on mobility (yes, we know that), and Bill really is super good with that, but I think that basically entails doing the WOD when he’s the coach. I need to go and look at the online schedule, because that’s changed a lot since I last printed it out.

That’s where I’m at. I’m still over 180 pounds, I’m still not in any of my clothes (one pair of jeans, and then all “stretch” pants), I’m at 30% body fat. I have fat hanging off me, which the “I-am-still-mad-about-this” endocrinologist (Male) just said “oh, that’s just what happens to Women Your Age, live with it.” (thanks.) I don’t really care particularly about weight on the scale (much), but I really would like to be able to wear a closet full of clothes. Menopause is such a bitch, I tell you. Harrumph. Though we definitely cracked on the eating regimen in Hawaii, I’m back on track with that, too, and need to make a date with my nutritionist to get my blood levels done again (since my endocrinologist through my insurance won’t do it – since I’m, you know, “in range for a woman my age”).

And so it goes!