KCBS Health, Etc. with Dr. Oz Seminar

This Saturday, I attended the “Health, Etc.” conference where Dr Mehmet Oz was the featured speaker.

(the photos aren’t up yet)

What a fantastic event. I had imagined that Dr Oz would be “just as great” as he is on TV—but he definitely was. In fact, he stayed late to answer questions from the hall, and was just super. I have been to seminars and seen (and met) folks from TV/etc., and often they are not what they “seem” to be on TV. If anything, he seemed NICER than on Oprah.

One of the things that I also did was wait in the (very VERY LONG, but fast moving) line to have my Glucose, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol tested.

My Glucose was 102 non-fasting—which is normal (Less than 140). YAY!
My total cholesterol was 178—which is normal (less than 200). YAY!
My blood pressure was 139/93—which is WAY BAD and ABNORMAL. Yikes!!!!

As in, they said to see my doctor immediately. Then I talked with the doc who was there, who said that this had to be monitored and had to go down “like now,” b/c it was stroke-level (the bottom number is the “baddie” tho they are both bad).

115/75 is good
120-129 on top and 80-89 on the bottom is “pre-hypertension”
130-159 on top and 90-99 is “Stage 1 Hypertension” — the bottom number being the more important and “worse” one.
Then you are basically just about to die if you are over that.

SO ANYWAY, she said that I had to get back on exercising, b/c also my fat percentage was high. This does not surprise me, since after my wedding (oh, now 1.5 years ago!) my James and I have been the foie gras and wine and lolling King and Queen. But this freaked me out bigtime. No more red meat, blah blah, and NOW.

I heard once that it’s when you get a “wake-up call” that you really get serious. I never really thought that was going to apply to me. I know, what a dummy. But I’m definitely still slim, etc.—I didn’t know I had a time bomb ticking away.

So that’s my post for today—after I get the podcasts done that I’m working on on “Inner Game,” I’m going to be doing a few interviews with some doctors about health (Dr. Monte included—YAY!), and also a hypnotherapy induction for free. Hey—and I will use it!


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