January 7 (Day 132) – Our “List” – PRK – et cetera

This is likely to be my last post for a while. I’m having PRK (it’s like LASIK for super duper bad eyes) on Thursday. The doctor told me at the “pre-op” that my eyes won’t be better “all at once” like LASIK. Rather, it happens gradually over about 10 days – and the pain is more on day 2 and 3 than at any time for LASIK. PRK is actually a “better procedure” (medically) but most folks opt for LASIK because it’s immediate and doesn’t hurt as badly afterwards.

Me? I have to get PRK, because the surface of my eyeball is “thin” (grossed out yet?) and so that’s the only choice I have. I won’t go into the whole procedure of LASIK v. PRK, but basically what I’m getting is a “re-surfacing” whereas with LASIK they cut a “flap,” do some stuff in there, then peel the flap back on. Eeeeee-yew! Mine needs a protective contact on top, which is removed after a week – but also is the most “personalized” thing you can get done and also there’s no potential issues like there can be with the (ick) flap.

Okay, that’s really enough of that.

The thing is, when I was in the pre-op, I realized that – um, DUH – no WAY would I be able to ‘drive myself’ as they had sort of talked about, to my visits at the week mark, etc. It’s possible, but not probable. Why? Because my eyes will be going from 20:500 slowly, ever so slowly, to 20:20-40 or so, instead of like LASIK where ~boing~ you go from bad to good in a day or so. As such, on my 2nd visit (the first after the surgery is the next day – and they make you sign that you will have a drive for that) will be at a week. And I’m likely to be 20:200. More than 1/2 better – but . . . I won’t have ~glasses~ with a ~prescription~ for 20:200. Oops. I really hadn’t thought about this much, because all my friends have had LASIK – so they drive themselves at the week mark.

We’ll see. (No I did not mean the pun but now that I’ve typed it, might as well leave it!)

Didn’t go to Crossfit yesterday – did yoga (YAY ME, I came SO CLOSE to not going!) Did a LOT and I mean a L-O-T of computer work yesterday – catching up QuickBooks, all that jazz. Oy. As I”m going to have to be off the computer for at least a week, I need to get a lot pre-done!

Today, going to Crossfit with H this evening. Here’s the workout:

3 stations 1min each
row for cal
burpee snatch 40/25kg
note: burpee snatch is a burpee followed by a snatch

I’m likely to go tomorrow morning too, since it will be my last time before the surgery. Personally, I’d like to go Thursday morning, but as the surgery is over in Berkeley and H wants me to look at the new clay/plaster he wants to use for the new tatami room, we would have to go early (no good my “looking” at the stuff once my eyes are scalped ;-) )

Oh yeah – so that’s what we did this weekend. Holy cows, Batgirl. He’s decided he wants my office to be a tatami room, and the guest room to be my office. The guest room is really a NICER room for an office, because it has the fireplace and all. But this entailed me going through the ENTIRE closet in the office, plus all the bookshelves, etc., and “swapping” all that stuff into boxes, then into the guest-now-office room as best I could. For goodness’ sake! He said that I would “only have to move things out of the closet,” but he “realized” Saturday morning (when I’d already planned out what I had to do with that day) that in “reality” it had to be the closet and the front 1/2 of the room (where the bookshelves are/were). And, as he is who he is, I was to do it THEN. I wasn’t really prepared to do that, because I wanted to sort through everything, etc., which made him cross. We sort of “met in the middle” in that now the “old office” is just a DISASTER of boxes and then stuff that we didn’t have boxes “for” (workout stuff, which was in the office too), but we did move the big bookshelf from the office to the guest-now-office room – and I was able to go through all my office books, CDs, DVDs, you-name-it, and get them back UP on the bookshelf. I took 3 huge boxes of books to Hospice-By-The-Bay today – today being my (hopefully) last BIG “chore” day before surgery.

I should probably have taken a photo when the rooms were at their worst, but I couldn’t face it.

The other thing that is going on is Moddie and I started a “list of things” that we need to start either doing selfies related to, or videos, for WHEN we are called back to TAR. This is our list so far:

1. Packing up weight plates into our backpacks, going up the hill across from my house. Putting on hiking shoes, etc.
2. Walking up the path, each in our headphones – you hear me counting in Greek (Moddie holding the camera as I trudge by), then you hear M saying phrases in Spanish (me holding the camera, shooting her from behind or whatever)
3. Go to a Ford dealership, be walked through the onboard system.
4. Bay Swim. One of us is already in the water, the other is getting in and ducking under and screaming.
5. Paddleboarding. Oh yeah. Falling down in a water-to-Sandy smackdown.
6. Double kayaking – rent one and do it somewhere that it’s not that deep (e.g., in the Tiburon lagoon, which would be a good spot)
7. Anything we can do in the Crossfit gym – a la doing pullups with the band underneath the feet, etc. – idea being that the first one is with for example me doing it with black (100lb) band, then green band, then on and on until I’m doing it free (yeah baby). Could be for any exercise.
8. Eating bugs! http://www.thailandunique.com/edible-insects-bugs
9. Fire dancing (M has Groupon)
10. Outdoor preparedness (S has Groupon)
11. “Mud” swimming (low tide at McNear’s – auuuugh)
12. Some kind of orienteering or scavenger hunt in the city . . navigating in the city, maybe even with an external shot or two staged, maybe driving to fire dancing class? Need to get MAPS and do it with MAPS, not PHONE.
13. Clips from our Golf Cart excursion in Hawaii
13. Ice Ice Baby NEEEEDS to get in there…it will be hysterical!

1. One of my USMC ID card.
2. Photos we already “culled” for the first video that didn’t happen. There are a LOT of those.
3. Photo of me after PRK with the “goggles”/”frog eyes” on.

The “good” thing is that if we are asked for another 3 minute video, we “already” told PART of the story in our first one. So they would have theoretically SEEN that and know that “backstory” – so this one could be a lot less “story” and a lot more just quick snippets with comments on them.

Already asked Seb at Musync.com to find us a track that we can license from him that’s along the lines of “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – once he finds it (I have hopes!), put that in the background, and the last or first “shot” will be “Title, licensed by Musync.com” then a little parenthetical fades in “(Sandy’s an intellectual property attorney. She made us license this.)”

Songs for Seb to find something like in his musicians (just a random list – writing them here so I don’t forget):
1. Stronger (Kelly Clarkson)
2. Run The World (Beyonce)
3. I Can Transform Ya (Chris Brown) – for something like the 100 lb help -> no help pullups for example
4. Mercy (Duffy)
I’m sure there are others – if you’re reading this and have thoughts to add, please do!