It’s February

It’s February! The perfect month to start coaxing out your inner Bond Grrl. It’s cold and rainy outside as I write this, and instead of getting cabin fever, I have taken my own advice from Chapter One of fEmpowerment. I’ve started making room in my life physically, for the blossoming that I know will come to my life in Spring!

As any grrl knows, February contains St. Valentine’s Day. If you have a James in your life, how about putting a few chocolate hearts in his coat pocket before he leaves for work, or sending him a few steamy texts? And who says that St. Valentine’s need only be celebrated on the 14th? What about making this St. Valentine’s month? It’s certainly a lot easier to get a date at a restaurant, hire a babysitter, and even buy cards and roses if you and your James decide that you will celebrate on a different day. Why let an arbitrary date stress you out? Being a Bond Grrl is all about Balance and eliminating unnecessary stress when you can.

If you don’t have a James in your life, no pouting! If you want one, he will come – when you’re truly ready. Is your house clean? Is your schedule ready to accommodate him? On Valentine’s, buy some yummy bubble bath, a small bottle of champagne or your favorite fizzy drink, a treat, and some wonderful flowers for the bathroom. Let your mind drift with the bubbles, and have delicious dreams about that James that’s just about to enter your life. Remember – no negatives, and no pouting! You get what you think about…

If you have a grrlfriend who is lamenting Valentine’s, now’s the time to pick up a copy of fEmpowerment for her. One of my clients said that she loved giving the book to grrlfriends, because it contains advice that she is too “politically close” to render herself. As she has been changing her life for the better, she can point to her own successes and the book, and urge her grrlfriends to do the same, without “preaching” to them. I love that!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the new podcasts. We will be opening up new Mastermind coaching groups soon – stay tuned!