It’s been a while! Day 160 (Feb 12)

I’ve had so many things going, that the blog has fallen by the wayside – sorry about that, non-existent readers! :-)

One thing I want to do is to try to figure out how to “re-link” the website to iTunes. I have a ton of podcasts that I did now years ago that were tied to my book (I want to say I stopped in 2010??? WOW that was a long time ago), and I’d like to get those back in play. I’m not so smart when it comes to “such things” and I asked Raja (my web designer) to see if he could do it, but unfortunately somehow he’s blocked from doing it from India, so I’m stuck.

Be that as it may, Moddie and I are doing our FIRE DANCING class tonight! I have the handheld video recorder all juiced up. This should be funny.

Yesterday worked out with the 9:00 class, since H is in Basel this week. It’s all the same cast of characters as M-W-F 9:00 as I surmised. Amanda coached, which was GREAT! I had my iTouch so when the 3rd part of the WOD was tabata situps, I was able to give her my Tabata Songs to use. I like it when I can help ;-) The best part is that she really liked it – I’m not sure she’d even known there were specific downloadable Tabata songs (with the count) on iTunes. The ones I use are HERE. I have “House” with the coach and “Metal” with the coach (that seems to be the one folks like the best).

Felt REALLY strong in the workout yesterday. It might be because on the chest-to-bar part (where of course I’m using the big fat black band!) I was on facing bars to Karen, who is immensely inspiring. I pretty much pay attention to myself in the WOD (“laser focus” – though I do have a little of the “Sister Shari praying to Heaven” going on too LOL) – but in my “general” vision I had Karen doing her chest-to-bars while I was doing it. I wanna be there!

I’ve been contemplating staying doing the 9:00 WOD and then also going and doing 6:30pm with H T and Th. NO, not NOW (laugh) – but say in a month.

Oh – that reminds me – a random guy I met at a booth at Moxie Madness had been to the Crossfit I was thinking of visiting in Hawaii and he said they “run on island time” – so the fact they haven’t emailed me back, etc. is probably just par for the course – but to definitely do it. (Do the WOD, get the T-shirt LOL)

I didn’t work out on Monday because I had hired a TaskRabbit to help me re-organize downstairs, as a present for H for his birthday. It was WAY WAY too expensive because I didn’t know enough to put like a per-hour time on it (e.g., she bid $X, but I should have said “the lesser of” $X or $Y/hour for hours worked). I wound up having to do it with her the entire day (just left to do my work trade – didn’t do Crossfit, didn’t do yoga) and we still did not finish. Frustrating as it was not inexpensive – and she had SAID that she could get it all done herself (without me). The thing is, she’d come up from Sunnyvale so when she asked if she should “come back” to help me finish, I just felt too bad to “make” her do that – that’s ridiculous on my part, that shouldn’t have mattered. Ah well lesson learned!

As I typed the fact I’ve been at the whole TAR thing for 160 days (2 more weeks it’s over HALF a YEAR), I get a little bummed. HOWEVER, I know I have really progressed, and that I’m not as “scared” to do things that would have flipped me out before I started. I was SO careful with my shoulder, knees, etc. and was always still hurting them. I can thank the coaches and the way our box is run that I am WAY more confident about the fact that THIS time I think I am doing things in a way that will BUILD them, not work for a while then ultimately thrash them.

I can’t quite remember where in the “days” I started doing Crossfit. I think it was pretty close to the beginning. However, I also know that I’ve had a few big periods off – the Holidays going into my eye surgery being a HUGE long period. I am still toting around a barrelful of extra body fat that’s frustrating, though I’m trying to address it – likely now too far over to the “fat side” – need to re-set that. Have been SO much better to my body (as has H!) that I/we have been in years – though I’m having a glass of wine at night when he’s gone (what can I say? My client with the vineyard sent a bottle and it is – well, WAS – MARVELOUS cab!). I think I need to add hiking, something like that back in – today there is running in the WOD, but I need to get out and do more, I think, outside, especially hiking-esque.

Did I mentioned Moddie and I are going to go do beginner fire dancing tonight – and the Aquatic Park open water Sunday morning at 0-dark-00? Yeah, we’re just collecting video selfies for WHEN The Amazing Race calls… ;-)

Here are yesterday’s workout, and today’s:
Pull Up 5 x 2 (I did the first 2 with the black band then the next 4 with the green. OMG. H=A=R=D! How does ANYONE lift their doggone body weight???)

Squat Clean & Jerk 50/35KG (I did the 10 pound swirly bar)
Chest 2 Bar Pull Up (I did with the black band) – got through 3 rounds plus 12 squat/clean/jerks

Tabata Sit Up

400M Run
5 Shoulder Press

10 Min AMRAP
60 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Front Squat
30 Pull Up

I’m getting WAY BETTER with the whole squat/clean/jerk thing – the squat being the operative part. In the s/c/j what you need to do is to do the “Jump boost” to get the bar to your shoulders (clean), then you squat down, then you push it up overhead out of the squat. I have been REALLY scared to do a “deep squat” because of knee issues and all that jazz. I’ve mainly put a box behind me, because the idea of bailing is SUPER scary to me too – this way if my knees give out, I just am “sitting down.” Today I didn’t use the box, and really concentrated on getting the squat DOWN. I felt really powerful doing that and the chest-to-bar round (not that it didn’t suck, mind you LOL). I have to remember that though I’m doing it with the 10 pound swirly bar and I’m watching ALL the other girls doing it at or close to Rx (35kg or 77 pounds), that I am doing MY best.

On today’s workout, I was able to do the “unassisted” (whatever they call “not using your legs”) shoulder presses with the 10 lb bar. I felt strong doing that and Anthony said I had good form. The run sucked for some reason. Then on the (B) portion I did 50 burpees then lay on the floor after time was called and couldn’t get up (laugh!) I just jumped over the bar on the ground, but I did do FULL burpees – doc had cleared my shoulder – so they were “real” burpees that would count as Rx, just not “jumping” up and down (instead, walking my feet up and down). Makes me realize just how much of “machines” the Cave Grrls were at Moxie Madness!