Is it Day 70 today?

For Time
Run 1 Mile
100 Squats
50 Push Up
25 Ring Row
50 Push Up
100 Squat
Run 1 Mile

Oh, Herbert is going to be SO HAPPY that he picked today to return to Crossfit (not!)

Yesterday on the way to my class (I’m taking a 6 week course on Ethics that gets me CLE – I’m up in January, and of course have done NONE and it’s November!) I practiced French, though afterwards my brain was buzzing so much from the class that I had to just drive home in quiet! LOL.

I’ve watched our video like a dozen times. I’m pathetic ;-) I think we have a shot. The most interesting thing is really how it happened. I was totally fine with not applying once R put the brakes on it. Then Moddie and I were lolling on the couch – HOLY CRAP was that really only Sunday?? – shooting the sh*t about funding non-profits for kids, and then I realized DING DING DING – ~we~ should apply together. When I broached the subject, she was ALL over it. I can’t believe what we got done, then undone, then done again – before the deadline on the 5th. Well, technically, the deadline is TODAY, but the TAR website states that they will “start callbacks on November 5th” – so it was my opinion we had to get our application in by then. But after today, that’s “it” . . . apparently they do in-person auditions too – where they come to your town and you go and talk to the casting director and pitch your story – but today’s the last day for folks who send it in online.

Turns out my cousins Christopher and James did one of those “in person” auditions – my cousin Robin told me about it, saying she “couldn’t believe they wouldn’t be picked,” but when I texted James about it, he said that really they did it more half-*ssed and there just wasn’t a chance from the start. Folks showed up with everything filled out, their story practiced, etc. – whereas they just sort of went in blind. Then again, to some extent that’s the “Shepard way” LOL.

Have a client meeting at 9:00 a.m. at their offices, then farmer’s market, an acupuncture “flu immune booster” appointment, and Crossfit this evening. What a Marin day. If it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t know where the next dime is coming from, it would be lovely and relaxing ;-)

Have to get back to making my bone broth then dress to see the client . . . yes, bone broth. Yes, SO Paleo, I know ;-) I have some poundage to lose. My doctor says that my hormones are basically non-existent – thyroid screwed up, no estrogen/testosterone/etc. – and we’re trying to deal with that – but this ‘splains’ why even when I’m GOOD I seem to be creeping up the scale. It totally sucks. Pout.