Is it day 103? Plank day 14.

OK so I THINK it is Day 103. Counting back from my last post. If it’s not, I will fix it – but today is 12/9/2013 so that NEXT time I try to figure this out, I have both the day AND the date on the first line LOL.

This past weekend, Saturday, H and I did a bunch of errands, then Sunday we did “hike” to breakfast over the San Anselmo hill. Dad’s 80th last night, went and saw Charity and Del Sol and Fenix Supper Club – which was GREAT! So happy that worked out.

It was 23 degrees when we went to Crossfit today – brrrrr!!! There was ice all over the parking lot, and our WOD included 1200 m run on both sides of it. The first time through I semi-skidded on some of the black ice and then instead of running on the tarmac, just ran on the sidewalk. We normally don’t do that because people come in and out of the offices behind the box – but so it goes. Watch out, people! LOL.

The WOD was 6 x (15 wall balls, 10 overhead lunges (5 each leg), 5 chest-to-bar). I did the wall balls with a 10 pounder, and really concentrated on the squat portion, getting my hip crease as close as I can possibly go “below my knee” – but that meant that I had to basically stand up, then throw the ball. I can’t use the squat to “oomph” the ball up if I do the squat low enough. I don’t know why.

I tried doing the OHL with a 5 kg plate over my head – made it 3 or 4 rounds then my shoulder started to hurt. So did the final I want to say 2 rounds with the power band.

Used 3 25 kg plates to get “up to” the tallest pullup bar, but couldn’t get the chest to the bar. I did get my head/chin over the bar each time. I really do NOT have any “jump.” I mean, we are talking NO JUMP. NONE.

Today is Plank Day 14 – I did do 90 seconds of plank each day for the past 2 days, which sucked. LAUGH! I will do 90 today.

I went to Crossfit today because H has to stay overnight in San Jose tomorrow, so he needed to do Crossfit. That means of course that right now, when I should be at yoga, I’m clearing out email. I really can only do one or the other on Monday. The stupid thing is if I don’t do yoga on Monday, then I don’t do it. I used to be so good! Every time I have this situation, I think “WHY am I working at the yoga studio to get free yoga, then not doing yoga!”

This reminds me of a little email exchange Moddie had I had today. I have a BUNCH of things that I do or belong to, where I keep doing or belonging because if I were to stop, I couldn’t afford to start again! Example – Moddie has a great deal at our local gym, because she used to work there. When she stopped, they never upped her rate. She was thinking about stopping it – because even at that rate, it’s not inexpensive – but I mentioned to her the problem is that she could NEVER get that rate back (and it’s by far the best gym in our area – gorgeous non-chlorinated pools, etc.) This is similar to the yoga/work trade situation – WHEN we get into TAR, I think that we are both going to work our little butts off (yeah, BIG butts…) EVERY day, sort of like IronTeam training – e.g., something in the morning, something in the evening. So ti might be Crossfit/yoga, then swim/yoga, swim/Crossfit, run/yoga, hike with pack/yoga – etc. And I think yoga HAS to be part of that, because flexibility is SO important. All the other stuff that I/we do doesn’t build on flexibility. So I keep doing work trade – because WHEN we get our callback, I have to be able to say “yes, I can do yoga 3x/week every week” or something like that. If that makes sense.

Back to work…