Introducing Feisty: The Bond Grrl College Correspondent

Hi, everyone! Sandy has generously allowed me to fill a niche in the reading audience: the college-bound Bond Grrl. College presents quite a few hazards for would-be Bond Grrls: cramped quarters, mediocre meals, and pressure to get good grades, be a party animal, and find your life purpose… all at the same time! But college also offers a host of opportunities: the independence of being on your own, the chance to find a passion, and the dynamic of a student body tens or hundreds of times bigger than your high school. There’s a lot of responsibility, but there’s also a lot of opportunity to shine.

I’m here to tell you the tricks I learned while getting my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Sometimes I lived with my mom, sometimes I lived in a 1,000-person dorm in a different city. Sometimes I was single, sometimes I had a “James.” Through it all, I was a straight-A student, an executive in a student club, and a social butterfly. I tutored, wrote for a college paper, and hosted medieval feasts.

I’m here to show you how your college experience can be just as rich. I’ll teach you how to get stellar grades without pulling all-nighters. How to party without ending the night face-first in the toilet bowl. How to find a passion and surround yourself with like-minded friends. We’ll talk about lofty things like living your dreams and day-to-day stuff like dorm-room essentials.

In the end, I want to help you make your years at college be everything you want them to be.


Attention Bond Grrls “of a certain age”: 

Okay, maybe the last time you wrote a college exam the Berlin Wall was still standing and Friday night was disco fever. Don’t click away just yet! I bet you have a daughter, niece, or family friend who could use this advice. Consider passing it along, so she can have the college experience you did… or wish you did!

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  1. I really wish that there was some sort of resource like this when I started college back in the dark ages. You’re really filling a void with your thoughts. I had to find my way all by myself. I really wish I’d had your help. Can you imagine? How do I find a “James?”

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