I think Monday/Crossfit is just not going to work out…

SO today is:

Day 89 in 365-TAR

Day 8 in the Plank Challenge

Day 19 in the SuperHero Challenge.

Today’s WOD was:

5 Rounds 30 on 30 off
clean 40/25KG
rest 5 min
5 Rounds 30 on 30 off
shuttle run 10M
v-up Tabatas

I realized last week that Mondays are REALLY difficult for me to make it to Crossfit. Why? Because I work at Red Dragon Mondays (so that I can get yoga for free – then I never use the benefit!) And H also works from the City on Mondays. What with all the work we’ve been doing around the house, my Sat-Sun-Mon usually looks like this:

Saturday: Lift Heavy Things (laugh). No – really – basically what it involves is doing whatever H tells me to do that has to do with the “outside” of the house. This weekend, it was sacks of river rock, staining fence boards, moving plants, moving furniture, sweeping, etc.

Sunday: Clean and sort inside. Sundays (if we’re not doing something else e.g. going to theatre with my folks), Sundays now, for me, mainly seem to be “cleaning and sorting” days. H goes for a long hike to breakfast, and I SHOULD do the same, but I am always “itching” to get after something that needs done inside. It’s always something that’s bugging ME but that H can’t see at all (laugh). Such as, for example, this past Sunday I took ALL the books out of the HUGE bookshelf behind our bed, and re-sorted them into subjects and also books that I really want to keep or to use or read – not books I “should” keep or “should” read. Sadly, a bunch of my coffee-table gardening books are going to have to go bye-bye, because our property is so hard to grow things on. It’s not only super duper steep, but it’s also NASTY clay soil. We don’t really have a flat area ANYWHERE – well, not quite true, NOW we have a flat front area because H built up the top end of the driveway to make one. The slope was so precipitous that it was easily 3 feet built up in a “wedge” to meet the bottom stair of our stairs up to the house.

Anyway – so Sunday involve cleaning out the bookshelves, cleaning and sorting things on my desk (not really done yet!), sorting through all the charitables that we give (those are lying on the floor right now – envelopes matched up – now I just have to see what is “missing”), packaging up some Fempowerment books for some of my 2DGirlGang that I need to mail today, etc.

I also completely re-did my wall calendar AND moved it (duh) from the wall ACROSS from my desk to the wall BEHIND my desk, so that I can actually SEE IT and WRITE ON IT. (How long did that take me? Like, a year??)

I didn’t “sort through” any email at all this past weekend, so of course I have about 500 things in my inbox. Thank goodness for @followupthen – it saves me (when I remember to use it). It’s like Oprius – which I also love for followups – but I haven’t used in months (oy).

SO WHY am I not doing Crossfit Mondays any more, I think? Because getting H ready, getting him his breakfast (he always has the “dreaded” 7 a.m. meeting then has to jet), getting him a “ferry pack” snack for coming home, getting laundry started (how can one man who doesn’t have a blue collar job wear SO MANY clothes??), folding laundry (from the weekend/sheets/etc.) then actually checking email and answering after sandbagging on the weekend…it’s TOUGH to get to a 9:00 a.m. WOD. Like, right now, sitting down to write this, it’s 9:30 a.m. (and I’ve been up since 6:30 – though I did spend about 1/2 hour posting photos of the new fence and front area on Instagram LOL).

I’d be done with the WOD, then usually do some errands (for example, I need to post the packages I made up, etc.) – and then “suddenly” it’s already noon. I haven’t had time to do any work or “meaningful” computer time, and if I want to make it to yoga, that’s at 1:30. So I usually DON’T. Then I work (to get free yoga…) from 2:30-5:00. Then it’s time to get home and start dinner. (I’m worthless working after about 3:30).

I really do want to be going to yoga at least ONCE a week. So that’s my thought – I’ll still go to Crossfit Weds and Fri mornings, and then Tuesday and Thursday nights if H can go. Sometimes he can go Friday morning, then we don’t do Thursday night. I heard that Amanda is coaching Thursday 9:00 WOD now, so if H can’t go Thursday maybe I’ll do that. That’s still a good load of Crossfit.

I’m doing the plank challenge assiduously, although twice now I have had to get out of bed RIGHT as I’m going over my day before dropping off to sleep, to do it! I think we’re up to a minute. At least – let’s put it this way – ~I~ am doing a minute. I will have to ask Moddie when it changes. Or, I could of course put it on my CALENDAR since it’s RIGHT HERE NOW (don’t you love it when bloggers obviously type as they think??)

Still haven’t heard from TAR. I SO think we should get at LEAST an interview!

Need to get more CLE done because my number’s up in January. I bought it – just haven’t done it. Time to put it on the CALENDAR :-)

Speaking of The Amazing Race, LEARNINGS from Sunday:

1.  Read the clue and THINK ABOUT IT. I’m sad(ish) the Ice Princesses are gone, but HELLO, if they were still in it it would be a MIRACLE. First, they didn’t read the clue, so they go to the “end” of the Challenge instead of the beginning. Then, they allow themselves to be “bullied” by a taxi driver so have to take 2 trips. It was a shame, because they lost a TON and I mean a T-O-N of time.

2.  Don’t say something that might come back and bite you in the *ss. The female ER Doc took like an hour (per what she said during the challenge) to put together a little gamelon thing. THEN (oh that was REALLY BAD) she went to look at the one the Afghanimals had put together – after b*tching that they had “lied” that they had turned the Oklahomas around, and that is “why” the ER Docs U-turned the Afghanimals. I mean, that is REALLY BAD – cheating to “get a look” after saying that. Then, the affianced couple, the gal, had to help the ER Doc put it together, and her fiance was FREAKING out that they were losing so much time – which I understand, because they have been in the “crazy lost taxi driver” situation before. The ER Dox and the fiances showed up to the mat right about the same time, and the female ER Doc gave the fiancee a huge hug and said “I will never, ever, forget you” – and that is FOR SURE true. The fiancee went WAY out of her way – though her fiance had SAID to her “go help her” he just didn’t realize she would take so long (or that the ER Doc needed so much help).

I actually DREAMED about TAR last night – the elephant challenge part. It was a VERY INVOLVED dream!!! Holy cow.

AND, a final thing. I went and saw Willie this past week, because my weight is going up and up. It’s getting really super bad now. I have a “jiggly belly” which I have NEVER EVER had – it’s super duper bad. Willie took me off EVERY supplement that I’m on, and then put me back on very specific ones night and day. She suspects that my leptin is out of whack – which I suspect too after reading Primal Body, Primal Mind. There is a leptin-related book/cookbook that they recommend, and it was 75 cents on Half.com so I got it (yeah, make room for MORE books!)

I have to honestly believe that what I’m doing now is WORKING even though if you were to want “instant results” I would totally STOP what I’m doing because I’m getting fatter by the second. I’ve moved to being completely gluten-free, paleo, and doing the Bulletproof method e.g. Bulletproof coffee with egg yolks/MCT oil/butter in the morning (which holds me until way late in the day – so it’s sort of an “intermittent fasting” thing too). I’m not doing the long distance cardio training that everyone “says” is so bad. I even went to Kristina Lentz and had her do an “energy scan” on me – which was interesting and she validated a lot of stuff I’ve felt.

But like I said, my weight goes up and up. Four pounds in like 2 weeks! And it is NOT muscle, believe me. I was doing goblet squats (SuperHero Challenge) facing the mirror, watching my belly bounce up and down. It was IMMENSELY depressing. Any time I’ve “had to lose weight” (though NEVER this sort of weight – we’re talking like 30 lbs now) I have gone on something completely BAD for my health (you know, 10 days of the Master Cleanser, that sort of thing) and I feel that I just can NOT do that now, because I KNOW how bad it is for me/my metabolism/etc. But for chrissakes, would this “good eating” PLEASE kick in so that I don’t go on some sort of lemon/cayenne/maple syrup until Thanksgiving bender??? Please?