Hypnotherapy Episodes – Duh…

SO.  This weekend, I edited, matched podsafe music to, etc. etc. the 3 hypnotherapy episodes that Susan Bird wrote particularly for you as a member of my audience.

 Susan is a fan of my book (and one of my personal experts), and came up with the idea of doing the inductions to introduce a wider range of people to hypnotherapy. We got together to work on the actual “visuals” for the inductions, then she wrote them, and came up to my studio to record them. Then, I fixed’em up.

I was working on them quite a bit this weekend — pretty much both days. Sue had done a number of versions of each induction, so I had to listen through to each intro, body, end, etc. — and then pick the ones that seemed to work the best for me. So – duh – this means I listened to hypnosis inductions for about 16 hours, give or take, over the past couple says.

I am LOOPY today. I feel very calm, comfortable, but… um… let’s just say I really should not be “using heavy machinery.” I actually drove to meet a client at a coffee shop this morning, and drove right past the exit with a little drifting “ah… yeah… um… that’s the exit… going by… going right on by…” feeling.

I’m back home now. Better stay off the road for a while!