How far IS 140.6 Miles?

The Ironman is:

2.4 miles swimming: That’s like swimming from My House, down River Oaks, down 5th Avenue, all the way to Whole Foods. I guess I get to stop and stretch there. OR (thanks for this one, Maria A!), it’s 154 lengths (77 laps) in an Olympic-sized pool – and as most of us have 1/2 Olympic pools at our disposal unless we’re doggone lucky, that’s somewhere over 300 lengths in a regular “high school sized” pool. Or way more, if we’re talking condo pool here. Just keep swimming. Forever.


Get out of the water, shake the shark off your heel, then get on your iron warrior. 112 miles on the bike is like riding from San Francisco to Rocklin (thanks again to Maria A. I am HOPELESS with figuring this stuff out!) Yup, that’s waaaay past Sacramento:


And, once you’re NICE and warmed up, off the bike, calmly lace up your sneaks, and you have a marathon, or 26.2 miles running, next. That’s like running from San Francisco to Redwood City:


Way way WAY past the airport. OK. Yeah. No worries.

I think I’ll take a wee nap now…