What is Fempowerment®?

Bond Grrl in jumpsuit

Fempowerment is the primal strength of being a woman, that, by definition, only women can embody. Being Fempowered is about being in harmony with, and empowered by, your inner authentic female self ― being charming, of service, indispensable, resilient, graceful, chic, sexually confident, ageless, and self-aware. And most assuredly not being a Man.

Women these days seem to be encouraged to go from being a Girl, to being a Man. To kick down doors and take names; to be aggressive; to basically look down on Men and belittle them, or try to beat them at their own game. And women are very, very influenced by other people’s opinions of how they, or their life, Should Be.

Fempowerment is about learning what’s in it for You, to be a Woman, and to be Fempowered by it to understand how to flex your femininity for the betterment of all.

Oh – and Fempowerment is my Registered Trademark, which I need to protect. So please don’t use it without my permission. Thank you in advance.

2 thoughts on “What is Fempowerment®?

  1. I am motivated by reading your website, please forward me any more information i may need, to get
    up and make my mark. I am the black sheep of my family & at times feel distressed by some of the things happening in my life. I have recently started a new job & am content with it but at times am depressed.

  2. Hi Lugile! It’s hard to know what information you might need. I am not sure if it would be helpful to you, but I have a workbook that works through your life somewhat, it might help? I’m also not sure if you listened to the podcasts that are in the blog – unfortunately they are somewhat old (I started and stopped podcasting before it got ‘famous’!), but I do read portions of my book there that might be helpful? Be kind to yourself ;-) -S

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