Hey Cupcake!

cupcake photo
The Cupcake Girls - and Jakie of course.

Sunday the 10th was a Mentor Run. Mentor Margaret set it up in her town of Napa, and we ran between all the cupcake stores!

Jake and Herbert came with me to the run. Our “merry band” included Coaches Jen Jay, Sedonia, Helen, Mentor Margaret, Tiffany and me. Coach Helen mentioned that she hadn’t been out to the runs much – but the cupcakes spurred her on! I would love to make a little baseball cap with a cupcake on a stick for her (smile).

It was about a 5-6 miles run, starting at the Oxbow Market, down First Street over the highway, to a Cupcake store there, then back. It was pretty chilly. Everyone sort of ran in packs. It was fun. You’d chat for a bit with one person, then stop to get a breather, then be running with someone else, etc. After we turned around, H and Jake and I actually wound up running a bit faster and so got back first. I’m not sure how that happened – probably because, as usual (ahem), I had to get to the potty.

cupcakesWe had breakfast in Napa together, then I headed back to Marin with my “men.” I can’t believe that I forgot to buy cupcakes after the breakfast! Silly me! They looked gorgeous. Once again, it was time for a nice warm bath, then I put the CD version of Younger Next Year from the library on my iPod, and tidied my way around the house. The end of the Cincinnati Chili for dinner, and off to bed! And as I write all this (Monday), it’s a Rest Day – yippee!!!