Happy New Year!!! (The “Cracker Story”)

Over New Year’s Eve, we have a big bonfire and invite everyone we know to come and throw in lists or representations of things they want out of their life in the new year. Then, after midnight, everyone throws in lists or representations of what they want IN their life, for 2008. One of the gals came with a new tradition — she had a big round “cracker bread” (BIG), and she had everyone say what they thought the “representation” of the roundness meant. Unity — the world — etc. Then, everyone grabs a piece of the edge, and then on the count of 3 everyone breaks their piece off for the New Year.

There were about 8 of us when we did this — and everyone broke the cracker off — when I was bending mine, it cracked off the ENTIRE cracker except what was in everyone else’s hand! Yes, the WHOLE thing. I started laughing, and the gal said she had never seen THAT happen before. I of course held it over my head and said….2008, “O” stands for “Oprah”!

Have a grand new year, all of you!