GO VinePeeps, GO!

Today’s been crazy. VERY chilly swim at Aquatic Park (mid-50s I would say, and overcast with a breeze, plus a very strong and cold tide coming in). Jane and I got out after 45 minutes – we felt energetic, we were just super chilled, enough that we couldn’t talk. Another lovely surprise was on our 3rd lap when a bruiser guy ran RIGHT into me (after “skimming past” Jane – she shouted to try to warn me, but too late). KONK. And then he was mean about it. Jane’s reaction – and the reaction of the amazing 70 year old Danish woman with just a bathing suit and cap, no goggles or wetsuit – “You should have told him if he’s such a great swimmer, why did HE run into YOU?”

Networking EARLY this morning, 1/2 hour cat nap, pack, swim, Sports Basement trip (to FINALLY replace our floor pump after it tore not one but TWO tubes as H prepared to take Angeline out for a ride), hang with Jane for a bit, drive home, collapse, read new Lava Magazine, work on the new front doors/picking colors for same with H…really tired now BUT had to sit down to get this down.

SO excited to go cheer my IronVinePeeps on tomorrow! Paula will drive me up with the kids, then I will hang with Mentor Margaret, then H will gather me up in the evening.

And for you VineIronPeeps, the most important thing to remember is:


If you’ve gotten out there, gutted through all the workouts, puked through changing nutrition, bonked through understanding hydration, listened seriously to our coaches, gone from a guppy to a fish, gone from walking up Pig Farm to riding it, gone from surly puffing through runs to being able to walk and joke…that’s the Work. As they say in the country folks, “The Hay Is In The Barn.” Now it’s just time to do your Victory Lap.

Go VinePeeps!