Fitera – Day One

telly-savalas-greeting-card-19202-pWell, it’s kinda Day One.

When last we left our intrepid heroine, she was trying to decide how to get a newspaper to hold in her photos . . .

Yup, no photos here. Why? Because I had work that I needed to do, starting at 6 a.m., then I didn’t even walk the dog (#WorstMomEver), because – fine, start shaming – I cuddled with the dog and watched Kojak.

(“Who loves ya, baby?”)

Then it was time to make coffee, make breakfast, make Bulletproof coffee for hubby and bring it to him in bed, put laundry in the dryer, then head over to Pelo.

They’re having a (very clever) Challenge, where if you log 20 workouts in 30 days, you get a hat.

Being the Swag Hag that I am, I, of course, jumped on that bandwagon with both feet, going from 2 workouts a week there to 6. (Clever, clever, clever . . . here, take my money, gimme that hat!)

There’s apparently always a Weekly Challenge goin’ on at FITera, too.

trx5This week, it’s basically doing something that you don’t already do, exercise-wise. That’s great – fits in with this 20 workouts in 30 days thing. The thing that I’ve added is TRX workouts. If you don’t know what a “TRX” is, it’s a strap thing invented by a Navy Seal, who wanted something that could fold up into his duffle bag and use his body weight to punish himself – oh I mean work out – while he was on missions.

It looks like a brightly-colored D&S device . . . ;-)

Today I did the TRX workout, then did the Peloton workout after. (HERE is a video of the workout – you can see me – the one laughing – at 1:03.) I was SO TIRED!

Then I had to get my butt back to the office, and I’ve been sitting here working at the computer ever since. The plan was to go to Crossfit at 3:00 with my husband, but I was on a conference call with a potential new client, and still had a bunch of other stuff to do. He put his head in and “mouthed” about going to the workout, and I pointed to him and mouthed “No, you go.” He’s about 30 pounds overweight too (maybe more), and I need him to go even if I do not go.

However, just now, I heard him downstairs.


Sometimes, it’s hard to be the “motivator” in the house for stuff like this.

Right now, I actually need to not only still take a shower from working out this morning (#TooMuchInformation . . . ) but I also have to figure out what to make for dinner. I didn’t go shopping, and I don’t really want to go out. So I’m contemplating asking hubby to go get Take-Out (which we never ever do, because I always, 360 days out of the year, make a balanced, organic, “palm of meat, good starch, veggies” dinner). I don’t think I can face shopping and then coming home and making dinner. I can’t believe I just typed that.

Today I got an email from Coach Pam about Nutrition.

water bottle pyramid at one of the run water stops

I think I mentioned that yesterday’s was about water. It had a great trick – and I just realized that I started the day and drank 2 big 20-ounce water bottles full . . . but I left my bottle downstairs and have been upstairs juggling work-work, trying to answer questions about a rental we have up for lease in Hawaii, faxing documents, answering other questions on a property we’re selling, marketing to potential new clients, etc. for the past seven hours. Crap. #WaterFail . . . This is a big deal, because I know I don’t drink enough water.

The Nutrition email and video were great. It basically reminds you that you can chalk up a “meal” of 1,000 calories in a few minutes, and that would take you like hours of exercise to “balance out.” Not that it’s calories in/calories out – as all us Jonathan Bailor/The Calorie Myth aficionados know – e.g. not all calories are the same – but you gotta “eat right.”

My issue is timing my meals – and preparation. I wind up in a situation like I am right now – I had breakfast, and then a (balanced – e.g., Quest) bar for lunch (yes yes, I know, bars aren’t lunch . . . ), but nothing else. I get working, I forget to eat.

FITera is very much about what you eat, and when. There was a handout that came today with the Nutrition piece about this very subject. Which I printed. And which is lying downstairs, on the printer. And has been. For six hours.

As you can see, though today is “Day One” of FITera, I’m still sort of working into it.

However, tomorrow is Farmer’s Market day, which will be great, because it will allow me to go get a bunch of veggies that I can cut up and put in the fridge – at least I will have that. Tomorrow I also have Pelo again, a walk with a friend I haven’t seen in forever, and then bikram yoga, because I promised another friend I will meet her there. Then she’s coming over to my house after.

I was back into yoga there for a few weeks, but the “20 in 30” thing pushed yoga back off the calendar in favor of TRX, so I asked my friend to meet me there, to have a non-negotiable “must get to yoga” calendar entry.

My life is not very balanced.

If I get a lot of work tomorrow, I’m not sure when I will do it. Sometimes I long for the “ole 9 to 5” – not only did you get paid every week on time (even if sometimes that week you didn’t do much), but you really knew what the boundaries were for work time and non-work time. The “guaranteed $” part being a biiiig thing I miss . . .

But I like the fact that, in and amongst the flurry of emails and calls that were work-related, I got a FITera email. Not only that, I actually know that Coach Pam answers her texts. Even the “owner” of FITera, Chad, comments on the Community Boards.

I already feel less “alone” than in the last program.

That said, it’s probably time for that shower . . .


4 thoughts on “Fitera – Day One

  1. I am amazed by how times a day you work out. You must live close to the gym. And your metabolism must be working overtime!

  2. Hey Michelle!

    Actually, I don’t live that close by – it’s a drive to everywhere I work out. It’s SO FRUSTRATING, I have to say. I work out in the “fat burning zone” (so never get into that “too high cardio” zone), do what’s supposed to be fat burning by the “latest and greatest” research – stick with foods that are organic, whole, not too many cals not too few – and I’m STILL not losing a lick. Some of the programs that I had tried had “too much” working out that I couldn’t do – example would be Krissy Mae Cagney – I would have had to buy an “Open gym” subscription to do what she wanted, stuff like that. I wish I could say I felt confident this time – I am “optimistic” but otherwise not sure. The Pomroy method actually changed how I was eating, and I did see some success, then because I didn’t have a “Tribe” I just fell off it. I Think that this is similar to that, WITH a tribe. My fingers are crossed!!!!! But my metabolism seems really stuck – that’s the most SERIOUSLY frustrating part of the whole enterprise! :-)

  3. Sandy, I posted your kinda day one in its entirety over at the fitera community board. I commented, Chad commented and I’m sure others will shortly.
    Outrageously entertaining, optimistic and showing an intent that is not going to back down.
    When you get a chance, read some of DR Frank’s articles over on the “Motivation’ section or his posts on the community board.
    I found a LOT of parallels with my challenges and yours and think you might find that this place actually will be the ticket.
    Welcome. :-)

    (jkash2 at fitera)

  4. Hey Jeannie – thank you so much! I appreciate you!! (Typing with my fingers crossed ;-) )

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