FemDefence: A Protection Against Rape

femdefense productThis is from the Femdefense website:

“Femdefence is an on-going project first presented in 2003. The project includes the creation of an imaginary product, which bears the project’s name. The product is a kind of protection against rape, somewhat similar to a tampon in that its user carries it inserted into her vagina. In it there is a sharp pin which has a penetrating effect on the perpetrator’s penis in the event of a rape. The construction is such that the pin cannot injure the bearer. The design is based on a similar construction invented by a Swedish woman named Anita Ingmarsdotter. She came to work on her invention after a series of rape cases in Sweden that received a lot of public attention. Typically, in many of these cases, the accused do not receive an adequate punishment, and the abused women are left without appropriate support from the judicial system. All too often they, in the perpetrators’ place, are burdened with guilt.”