Falling off the Grid

It’s hard to keep up with everything.

I know, you know, right?

Doesn’t it seem like the second you turn your attention to one thing, another falls off the table? (It’s likely that our tables are too full…me especially…but I’m not going there right now.)

I’m certainly not immune. When I was working on the book, and $, etc., my weight zoomed up to unprecedented heights. (I’m currently in a neighborhood Biggest Loser contest – ask me about it if you’re interested!) I start watching my weight, and get involved in a business with good potential to make $ and be fun (SendOutCards, which I have blogged about before), and everything else suffers – most assuredly my podcasting and blogging.

Because, dear readers, most of you don’t comment (though I get a lot of emails), it often feels as if this is just an online diary – which of course blogging basically started out to be. And I suck at keeping diaries. I figure I know what I’m thinking and doing – and writing it down is just an extra time-step that often eludes me.

Sure – I have a lot to say…but if it’s just to myself, why do it?

I have a podcast that I did MONTHS ago – it’s a nice interview with a CPA gal from Canada. I had some issues with the volumes between us (she speaks very softly) and about 1/2 way through editing it, I quit. That’s awful. I’m up early today to get it out (even if it kills me, as they say) – to get back on the wagon.

I know most of us are in the same boat – $ is tight, time is tighter. I don’t even get to read my favorite blogs any more – because I’m keeping 3 different businesses afloat. Because this one isn’t really generating any $ (royalties are not big rent-payers, and coaching is the first thing people cut when things get rough), it gets the least attention. I remember when all this was fun enough to sustain “just because.”

I was speaking with Lisa Quinn of ABC-TV the other day, and she said that when she started to focus on her new book, her blog just stalled. There are only so many hours.

OK, that’s enough whingeing. No pictures, no links, no tags, no categories, etc. Just how I feel right now.


2 thoughts on “Falling off the Grid

  1. @Sallie: Yupperoo – even downloaded the new Levelator 1.4 to see if it made a difference v Levalator 1.3 – nope. Just awful levels, even tho my mike was somewhere around my forehead, and hers was (so she says) right at her mouth. I think she is a very VERY soft speaker. As they say, liver learn…

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