Everything is Good…

So today at the track workout (4 x 1600 at 5K pace, with 4 minutes in between) I found my Mantra. I was listening to a fantastic 172 BPM mix called Heaven’s Gate that I got from Podrunner.com. It had a song in it and the singer was saying “Everything Is Good.” That’s close to the ubiquitous “Life Is Good” of Tshirt fame, but it worked for me.

Did the repeats at Drake High track in 13:10, 9:57, 9:40, 9:53 – I feel a LOT faster. Of course, that might be because I have lost 18 pounds since January! Whoot Whoot! Just as I was finishing and doing my final 4 minute walk (after the last mile), the track team came out. I had done the run at the perfect time – no rain (actually, there was SUN during the last 2 mile repeats!), and no one else on the track.

Iron Will came over and cleaned Vlad and also H’s bike, which was fantastic. It didn’t rain until after he was done, so we were able to clean them outside. I’m getting cabin fever with all this rain and gloom – I’m really glad I was able to even take my jacket off and get some “Vitamin D” at the track. Yay!

2 thoughts on “Everything is Good…

  1. Congrats on the times and weight loss. I haven’t lost a pound yet!! Keep it up and you won’t have a badunkadunk.

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