Podcast 2: Decluttering

Start coaxing out your inner Bond Girl by streamlining your physical surroundings. Sandy leads you through some tricks to help de-clutter your home, office, and car. Because its hard to uncover your authentic self if you cant find her under the piles!

Note: any peculiarities in the audio are due to Audacity’s “Truncate Pauses” effect. Oops! Still learning.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast 2: Decluttering

  1. Hey Sandy,

    Something you might not be aware of: the first six podcasts are not in the iTunes directory.
    I love relistening to the podcasts so please put them up!

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hmmmmm, that’s very odd! Thanks for pointing that out. We had to move my entire website (and podcasts) “over to” another server around about podcast 7 or 8, and I wonder if I somehow have to “refresh” the podcasts? Oh dear, tech is not my forte ;-) I will ask my “tech guy” – my eversuffering James – to see if he can figure this out. Thanks for listening! S

  3. I re-absorb many of your older podcasts on a regular basis… love the fun way you present info!
    I also love reading your more recent posts pertaining to Louisville Ironman 2010… your experiences are responsible for my goal to do something similar in the future. Still, I miss the theme of your older posts and podcasts. It would be great if you could mix some of the original Bond Grrl content in with your awesome training logs!

  4. Hey Harmony! I completely agree with you! With the Ironman training (the race is in 10 days…woah!), writing my new Workbook and working with my publisher, and work being very slow (so having to do more marketing) I have had to let the podcasting and “other stuff” go. But come September I plan to be back! :-) THanks again!

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