Episode 17: Keeping Your Sex Life off Life Support, And What Men REALLY Want

In this, the final episode in my “Sex and Sensuality” series, I discuss sensuality and some of the differences between men and women. I also discuss human sexual response and how you, as a fEmpowered woman, need to get over yourself and get involved in your own sex life. This episode ends with my visit to one of the most acclaimed whorehouses (“bordellos”) in the Vegas area, Sheri’s Ranch, where I interviewed one of the women (courtesans, ladies of the evening, whores) about her job. What you hear about this visit MIGHT surprise you.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 17: Keeping Your Sex Life off Life Support, And What Men REALLY Want

  1. It is very refreshing, for Sandy to women to be responsible for their own orgasms! Men and Women need to take responsibility for every aspect of their lives,including sex.
    Furthermore, men can have multiple orgasm, as well. If men take care proper care of their health, and truly connect spiritually, physically, and mentally, men can have multiple orgasms.

  2. I really love your podcast…however, I wish you had more advice for those of us who don’t have a James! I have been single for five years…I live in a city where women greatly outnumber men… I wish you had more Bond girl advice geared to women in my situation! (Not just on sex, but other areas of life too:)

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