Enjoy Your Life, NOW!

You know – I’m such a lucky Bond grrl :-)

Today, here in Bond Grrl land, it was grey this morning, but it’s lovely now. Yah yah, I’m supposed to be going to the gym, but I was up in the Russian River helping out a friend going thru a divorce (no work to do? Don’t obsess — get out of the house!), and so I decided, WTH, I would head up a bit farther North and go to my fav winery (Hanna — http://www.hannawinery.com/).

So here I am – the tasting room gal knows me – so I’ve had a couple tasting glasses (gratis) of their new chardonnay, with some nice crackers, sitting on a big redwood picnic table (alone – it’s weekday) in the wine fields.

The crows and sparrows are calling and swooping, there’s a little highway traffic from 101 … but otherwise, it’s me, the crackers, the grapes, and the Chard.

They had a midweek 40% off special and so I bought (yeah. Credit cards. Bad Bond Grrl) some wine for my James for the holidaze he is going to LOVE.

Instead of getting stressed out re “no job, etc.” – except for the buying wine on cards part – this is the Bond Grrl life.

Take a break when it’s offered. Forget the hustle. In a month, it’ll be rainy and cold. Glass’a chard, me, the wine grapes, the sun, the birds.

The gym can wait another day :-)


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