Easter/Passover “You Know You’re Iron Whens”

I’m having a lot of fun and other folks are great being “game” and sending these! I wonder if I should make up a Tshirt in the end, with all of these on the back??


…you wear your tri shorts under your church clothes so you can go directly to an open water swim after Easter service. (Coach Dan Russell)

…you show up to a dinner party in bike shorts and don’t care. And you know your friends are iron, when half of them are in bike shorts too. (Coach Helen)

…you say screw it and drive home in your cycling shoes after spin. :-) (Kathryn)

…when you seriously contemplate wearing your spin clothes under your work attire for faster transition times between work and workout….hahaha!!!  FYI…bike shorts under khakis…no go…but tri shorts under pencil skirt…ok! Thank GAWD I wear a lab coat (Coach Sedonia)