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I had a profound reaction to watching this video. It is 18-minutes, and is an astonishing glimpse into the magic and danger of left/right brain function. Dr. Jill Taylor is a neuro-anatomist who specialized in brains because her brother is schizophrenic.

I am completing a podcast interview with Eve Abbott, the Organizer Extraordinaire from ABrainNewWayToWork.com. She sent me this link after our interview, and it really is amazing. Do set out enough time to watch it. It starts a bit slowly, but you will be totally glued to the screen at the end, waiting to hear “what happened next.”

 — Solitaire

This is the description from the hosting website:

This is an absolute must-watch. Set aside 18 minutes and prepare to be floored. Consensus among TED’sters is that this may be the most memorable and important TED Talk ever. It was certainly the most talked-about presentation among those at TED2008. Enjoy and share with others. And let Jill’s experience inspire, motivate, and change the way you look at life.  http://www.microclesia.com/?p=320   I guarantee you will be rewarded by investing 18 minutes on this video of Dr. Jill Taylor presenting at the TED conference.

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