Yes, fine, so you know now that I’m way behind on my reading… so sue me… is an online forum that I really enjoy. I just read an article on re-thinking Comments on Blogs that was great and I wanted to pass on, and in particular a comment by Wendi Kelly at Life’s Little Inspirations.  She said:

“…I am often one to leave a comment if for no other reason then I don’t like to be a lurker, or leave you thinking it was a boring or bad article when I really enjoyed it. I am a newer blogger and it feels weird to me to have 36-40 ( or whatever– the ratio is the point) views on a post one day and then four or five comments. I feel like…hey? Why won’t they talk to me? So I want to make sure I at least say hi, I stopped by and this is what I thought.”

I completely agree with this. I am a little stunned that I have had pretty much no comments since I started up again, after publishing my book. It’s the weirdest thing. I see that folks view, but don’t comment.

It certainly could be that I’m not doing it, either. I will often pull up blogs when I’m on the run, scroll through them on my Blackberry, and because it’s a PITA to comment through the Crackberry, I “say” I will comment later, and never do.

So, a May Resolution is to try to be a better Commenter myself… in the hopes of attracting the same!

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  1. How could I not leave a comment on this kind of post Found you at Wendi’s. Love your concept. Bond girl on the inside here…hmmm.. how to get the the exteranl stuff to match…hmm..excellent metaphor.. :)
    All best , Jan

  2. Yippee! Yippee! A comment!!!

    Jan, love your website — wow! In bringing your “inner Bond Girl out,” the first important step is looking at your physical surroundings, and making sure they match your IBG. Your postings about form, substance, lines, etc. make me think of clients I have helped to “unclutter” — and then “place” their belongings in sectors where their life will find value in “looking for” them. By changing your externalities (wearing a scarf that your IBG would pick, etc.) you can “meld” your IBG and your external self together. What’s her name? What does she love? How can you let a little of her show, every day?


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