Do you know Glam?

I just read a super article on Getting to Know your Goddess Within on Glam.  It sure sounds like unleashing your inner Bond Girl — perhaps we’re unleashing our Bond Goddesses? :-)

 You can read about this on the link above, but the gist of it is:

1.  Get to know yourself inside.  As they state (who does THIS sound like? :-) ), it’s great to do spa visits and the link, but if you work on your inside first, that “inner glow” can’t leave you.

2.  Write it Down.  See, it’s not just me who suggests that Journal :-) As they state, if you write it down, you’re “locking in” thankfulness for the awesome Goddess Grrl that is You!

3.  Discover Yourself. I like this section — it states that you really need to understand what your Goddess is like at her Core.  To me, this is like naming your Bond Girl. Who is she? How can you bring her out?  Once you have her Named, you can ask yourself “What would [her name] do in this situation?” It allows you to slowly integrate that Inner Grrl into your “real” life, and incorporate her until you don’t even have to ask what “She” would do in a situation any more — because that’s just how you act!

4. Trust your Intuition, and give Thanks for where you are.  Enough said :-)

5.  Be True to Yourself — and Treat your Body like a Temple.  As the article says, as women get older, they seem to care less what “other people think.” I am finding that myself. Today, concentrate on what you’re feeling inside — and whether your actions are really coming from your core, values, etc. — or whether these actions are in response to what some other person “might think.”  As I’ve talked about in the book, time to get rid of the “shoulds” in your life, and be true to your passion!

Go check out the article — it was a great validation of our work here!