Swim Day (with Playlist) and Run Day

OK I really should have taken photos. Next time. I am SURE there will be MANY “next times”! Just picture here a drowned rat grrl from running, and a swim workout with a flashlight on it!

I did the swim workout at about 7:00 p.m. yesterday, because I had a meeting from 3:00 to 6:00 that wound up being WORTHLESS. I was not happy – I got very ‘bouncy legged’ about it but didn’t want to leave and be rude. It was up in Petaluma, so I had gone all the way up from San Rafael…not so happy. I had brought my swim stuff though, and so H and I met at the JCC. He did his standard cardio/crosstrainer and some weights, I did the swim. Under the stars! That’s the photo I wish I’d taken – my training page, in the ziplock, and the flashlight, lying on the pool deck! I was just barely able to see the workout,  so didn’t need the flashlight – it was pretty funny though. I forgot how bright the pool would be with the lights inside (duh!) The pool was nice and warm, it was the running out to and coming “from” that was not so pleasant. Consoled myself with a nice Steam after!

Here is the Ze Playlist for the swim:

Cold Hearted Snake, Paula Abdul
Check On It, Destiny’s Child
Paper and Fire, John Cougar Mellencamp
Valerie, this is a mix, not sure who did it (techno-ish beat, Steve Winwood song)
She’s Ugly From The Front, Lyle Lovett
Hung Up (Live), Madonna
Torn, Natalie Imbruglia
Don’t Say You Love Me, Natalie Imbruglia
Brass In Pocket, Pretenders
Message of Love, Pretenders
Let’s Go Crazy, Prince
Controversy, Prince

And below is Ze Workout. I tried to look up on YouTube what the various drills looked like (DPS and SAR). Dave Scott has some podcasts out there, and wow, he looks the same as he did 20 years ago! It’s funny – I learned to swim and bike and run (and really “train”) from Dave Scott’s book. I never had any coaches – wish we’d had YouTube back then, I would have loved to have really “seen” what he was talking about, in motion! DPS is basically counting your strokes per length of the pool. If you can keep track of how much time a length takes you, and then how many strokes it takes you, you can figure out your strokes per minute, and all that jazz. I really wasn’t able to read all my notes by the light of the moon (smile), and so I forgot to try to keep track of the times for the laps. I’m not so good juggling it all in my head, anyway – I imagine we will do that tomorrow in our Coached Training. Be that as it may, I wound up with 14 “cycles” (e.g., counting only left arm in) per length of the pool. Very consistently. Not sure of the time it took, though.  For the SAR, there were two different ways to “stop” the arm – one was at the hip (elbow high), one was at the shoulder. The hip one was OK, the shoulder one hurt my shoulder (as did the CatchUp drills, still). So I sort of bagged it in favor of just swimming. Sedonia had said we could just swim anyway (since she hadn’t shown us the drills), so I didn’t feel that bad. Did the whole thing in 48 minutes, which doesn’t seem so bad since it says it should take 60 (and I’m not kicking). The kicking drills, which are sort of just “easy” are hard for me because I just don’t kick in the pool! It’s funny. They wipe me out!

Swim Workout:

300 EZ
3×50 25 kick on back/25 free    RI    10″ (RI means “rest interval”)
3×50 25 Catch Up (CU)/25 free    RI    10″
3×50 25 scull/25 free    RI    10″

100 Distance per Stroke (DPS)    RI    15″
200 Breathing every 3    RI    20″
300 Slow Arm Recovery (SAR)    RI    30″
200 Breathing every 3    RI    20″
100 Distance per Stroke (DPS)    RI    15″

Cool Down    100 EZ
Total                1750 – THIS IS ONLY 10 YARDS SHY OF A MILE! Whoot! Whoot!

Run Workout:

Today was a run workout. I read it wrong – it was supposed to be another run for 5 minutes, walk for 1 minute, go for 42 minutes gig. I actually thought it was run for 8, walk for 1, then couldn’t figure out how the math didn’t work out at 42 minutes (duh). I had it all set to run with Sharyn, but after my 7:00-8:30 meeting and then my 9:00-11:00 meeting, it was HOWLING with wind and rain. I texted Sharyn and said “No Can Do” and she wrote back “Oh Yes You Can” – she already was at my house, with her “foul weather gear” on. So, I did. Actually it worked out great – the rain let up when we were about 1/4 of the way done, and the wind cut down. (We did have a tiny bit of hail in there for good measure.) Again – wish I had the camera – 2 very soggy girls and a very soggy dog trotting through San Rafael. She was GREAT for me to run with, because we can chat and catch up, but also because she really will run at any speed and I don’t feel “bad” about being so slow. She’s so happy I’m back exercising again… I feel almost guilty at how relieved she is. Of course we’ve been friends since Massage School in 2002, so she really HAS seen me MUCH more fit. After being at my peak in 2006, of course I quit and took a job in the city to try to make more $ – that lasted all of about 6 months but in that time I had gained 30 lbs and all of it toxic fat, due to the stress. Then never lost it.

She keeps raiding my closet for clothes that used to fit me back then, that I don’t even have a prayer of wearing now. It’s amazing when I realize that she and I are (were) EXACTLY the same size – the clothes I keep loaning her out fit her like a glove, and I can’t even approach them. But silly to just have them hanging there. I really do plan to get back into them – though right now, I’m indulging a serious carb craving.

After a meeting with my CPA (not good at all – $ is really, really bad), my last meeting of the day was with a gal who bailed on our meeting last time – and she bailed on me AGAIN!!!! So I sat at the nice cafe and had a mocha and a bagel with cream cheese and honey AND a gingersnap cookie (fresh and warm). I know, really bad. I will cut back on this – I just feel so virtuous doing things like going out in the pouring rain that I am indulging myself in things I wouldn’t even dream of otherwise. I’m giving myself until the end of the year to Get Over It – but that’s my trade. If I do all the workouts, I can have whatever I feel like, until December 31st.

Okie dokie, have been really off the computer for 2 days now, and H wants to get away for Sunday through Tuesday. So I have to regroup and get some things done – especially as I have training starting at 0-dark-00 tomorrow with the group. At least this time it’s in Marin, so I don’t have to drive so far.