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OK first of all, Day 78.

“Row for Cal” turned out to be “Row for Calories.” So what the deal was, was that you rowed for a minute, wrote down how many “calories” you got to, then rested for 30 seconds, then the front squats, rest, then the kettlebell swings, rest, 5x.

photo 1It was THE BEST workout I have had, EVER, in Crossfit. OMG. I finished feeling AMAZING (and I couldn’t stand up at the end). I even took a photo of my results, because I was so so proud of myself:

The results read from right to left (because what you can’t see on the right side of the photo is the rower – e.g., I started closest to myself then “leaned out” as I went). I started with the 10 pound “swirly bar” for the front squats (the 2nd number in the row), but by the 2nd round I realized I could left more, so I moved to the regular orange bar (which is 10 kg). I used the orange kettlebell for the swings.

I really paid attention to pulling the kettlebell “down” in the “down part” of the swing, and boosting it up with my hips – so it wasn’t arms at all going up (or, that much). Check it out, too – my last was my best! OMG, it was SO HARD.

I did a TON more than anyone else. I mean, no one was CLOSE. Now, granted, I do know that my front squats aren’t as good as most folks, because I can’t squat all the way down. So that number is likely higher than for someone who can actually squat all the way down and all the way back up. HOWEVER, the kettlebell swings and the “calories” in the row were also strikingly higher than for other folks (as in, My total was what – I think 384? – the closest to me was 350).

Anyway – I really was proud of myself. I think Bo was proud of me too because he gave me that “good job” smile. He reminds me of H – man of few words, but in a good way.

Friday’s workout was:

For Time
15-12-9-6-3 Clean & Jerk 60/40KG
5-4-3-2-1 Rope Climb
Start each round w/400M Run

I did the clean and jerk with the orange bar – no weights, but the bar. I did the rope climb lying on the floor then “climbing up” the rope to standing and then back down. At the end, one of the gals told me that I was supposed to do 3x because I did it that way – I basically said “um, yeah, next time.” (laugh)

Saturday I had a bunch of errands to run – didn’t get out of bed until way late – and then we actually went and saw Ender’s Game and went out to dinner at the Basque place out past the JCC. The funniest part was that we’ve been wanting to go for a long time, but they have odd hours. They had great stuff that we like to eat – sweetbreads, tongue, liver, rabbit, etc. – but it was all sort of that standard “mediocre” cooking. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but H said “we should have stayed home, you cook so much better.” Of course that made me feel good ;-) But it’s true!

We’ll have tonight what I had prepared for last night before H said he wanted to do dinner/movie – London Broil marinated in a “tropical” marinade – so like pomegranate, persimmon, tamarind, garlic – then steamed chard sauteed in bacon fat, and sweet potatoes.

555979_10151841092072615_732717339_nToday unfortunately my “job” was to take the fountain apart – because somehow it has a leak in the liner. ARGH! What an ENORMOUS pain in the neck. The good part? As you can see from this photo (I’m so silly I post all this stuff, but I’m proud of it!), I was able to do the “moving the stones,” cleaning out the fountain, etc. stuff squatting – and for CERTAIN 2 months ago there is NO CHANCE I could have gotten in this position – NO chance. Yes, my heels are actually on the ground. :-)

I think that’s the thing about Crossfit that I have to remember when I get a little down reading about all these amazing weightlifting “feats” that other people have. Or when I can’t climb a rope. Or can’t do a pushup. Or a pullup. Two months ago, I could NOT have squatted like this. Not just “not have done it comfortably” – I couldn’t have done it. I remember when we were in Vietnam and Cambodia, this is how folks basically “sit” all day long. I remember trying it and falling over backwards, and my heels were up. Not only that, of course, is that I could stand up OUT of this position.

Let’s see, what else? TAR tonight – I’m really looking forward to it. Also the “Spanish Earworms” did transfer to Moddie, so she can work on that. On the downside, TAR extended their video intake through November 22nd. I’m not exactly sure what that means. My supposition is that they didn’t get enough videos that they liked. I don’t like that – because I of course want us to be one of the ones they do a callback on! I’m not quite sure when they posted that they were extending the deadline – I just saw it a couple days ago, when I went onto the page (curious if it said anything about callbacks, and then I found the extension).

I really have NO idea what they’re looking for – I just have to believe that we gave it our best try, GIVEN the fact that it was the day that they SAID submissions were due. We also made it EXACTLY 3 minutes – I have gone onto YouTube since, and there are ones there that are over – there are also ones that (lordie!) are SO involved and professional! I wonder if somewhere on their website, I could find the actual submission videos for folks who got ON the show. I’d love to see what they look like. Because if they’re all super duper professional, then I don’t know what to say. Granted, we WERE going to have one that would have looked a bit less “ghetto” than the one that we did (though that one STILL makes me laugh out loud at us!) – but it wouldn’t have been “super duper” professional. I don’t know what to think. I sure wish that they DID let you know if you were NOT picked – the fact that it’s just “oh, we must not have been picked because they’re starting up a new Episode and we’re on it” is just such a bummer.

I HONESTLY think that we did the best we could.

Oh – one of the errands that I did was to get my thyroid re-tested – TSH is ~worse~ and I’m on new meds! Not happy. I’m really tired of this weight around the middle. And being WAY heavier than I should be. Oh sure, I know, I know, I need to get more cardio, stop drinking wine, stop having pomegranate seeds and yogurt (hello…it’s not ice cream!) late at nice. I know. But I get depressed about how whatever I seem to do, whenever I am “extra good” for weeks, there isn’t a change. The doctor says it’s the hormone stuff, and so now I’m on bio-identical hormones (the non-compounded one were peanut- and soy-based), plus the thyroid, plus plus plus.

Ah, to be 35 again – !!!!