Days 18, 19, 20 – Crossfit and more Crossfit (and our anniversary)

Dang, TWENTY days?

I’m pretty pleased with that. I mean – 20???

So Day 18 was Sunday, and H’s real first day home from Switzerland. We did a bunch of stuff around the house and all that jazz. We also walked to San Anselmo (H is still on “European time”) – which was great, because it did get my bee-hind out and exercising. He noticed that I was “walking taller” and asked about it – so he signed up for the Crossfit Groupon too – !

Day 19 was H’s first day of Crossfit, and also our Anniversary. The WOD was:

400M Run
10 Burpee
15 Kettle Bell Swings (KBS)
10 Ring Dip

The warmup was a bunch of stuff – 500 meter row, then various nefarious things (laugh). Anthony showed H what to do, and there was another new gal in the class, too. One of the things was double-unders. I was surprised to see that the blonde gal that’s so ripped can’t do them. They have jump rope “wire” with a wiffle ball on the end that you can use, to try to get both your hands working (apparently normally you only turn with one hand, which doesn’t work for double unders) and gets you to keep your hands steady and not swing from the elbow. They aren’t attached – it’s a jump rope handle and a jump rope wire, but then the wiffle ball on the end, x2. H had to use that because he couldn’t do the single unders, he was jumping to high and moving from the elbow. Interestingly, I did MUCH better than when I did it last Wednesday night. I think it might be because I was wearing my Newton’s instead of my regular Asics, which have a far higher “heel” (the Newton’s don’t have a lot of “help” for running shoes, they are quite flat a la the Zoot’s). I think I might have been “catching” the rope under the architecture of the shoe last time around. Note to self! :-)

I wound up doing the 6 times around in somewhere around 25 minutes, I was 3rd to last, H was 2nd to last, the other gal was last. The thing that was the hardest on H I think was the run – he said he walked most of it. I did “my” burpees on the parallel bar, and though I was trying to be careful with that and the ring dips, I definitely could feel it in my right shoulder. (Went to the chiropractor today for some therapy on it, though that’s a continuing weak point.) We did the “ring dip” by laying the strongest band “over” the parallel bars (you loop it through itself on one side, but then hold the other side down with your hand), and you put one knee in it, then do the dips. I could literally just “shrug my shoulders” up and down – I might need to go one more down which would be doing tricep dips against the box.

Anthony showed us that instead of “chalking” each round when you finish, to put your name then 6 “chalk marks” and “wipe them off” one at a time with your foot as you finish. That way you’re not losing time bending down and marking. Smart. I also did what I’ve seen folks do, which is write the WOD next to where I was doing the workout. It’s a little disconcerting that there are only 4 things “in it” and you can’t remember them – !!!

So today would be Bo at 6:30. H doesn’t really want to go because he’s sore. Of course that means he has to go ;-)

We took the ferry to the city and had dinner at La Mar for our anniversary. It was great – we had like 8 different Peruvian appetizers and WAY too much wine and Pisco Sours. Since I haven’t really been drinking, I’ve discovered that I just put my lips to the glass and take a tiny tiny sip. Since H and I always share glasses, that way he drinks more. He hasn’t stopped drinking so this way I get what my system deems as “my half” even though it’s far less than 1/2 the glass!

That’s the bad part of this past week – definitely back having wine, champagne, etc. I will stop again, but it’s hard, what with the wedding on Friday IN the wine country, then H coming home (champagne!) and then our anniversary dinner. I don’t really WANT to not have some wine.

As for eating, I’m finding that the “Bulletproof” coffee in the morning (Brain Octane Oil, butter, 2 egg yolks, coffee in a blender) is AMAZING. I “sip” it (v coffee-coffee where I need like 3 cups), and it’s basically a meal. It rocks. I am also back making the green drinks mainly for lunch – and then just now I had an almond-butter-in-teff-tortilla “sandwich” because I know that with Crossfit at 6:30 we won’t get home until like 8:00 then I have to make dinner, meaning we will be eating late. There’s no way that H would eat at like 5:00, so I have to go with the late eating thing.

We test-drove cars yesterday as well (Minis) and I managed to not make it to yoga again, though I did do my work trade. I pretend that The Amazing Race will have us steam-cleaning some yoga studio, and I figure out how to do it 100% the fastest way possible (laugh).

I went through my email inboxes today, and also got a lot of stuff tagged and put out on Facebook and such. We will be gone probably Thursday through Sunday for our anniversary and my birthday – so I wanted to see “where I was” before I headed off again. It’s been a month of this – !

The Amazing Race starts on September 29th – Melody and Leann had never heard of it, so I told them to “tune in” to see if they agreed this would be a good adventure for me ;-)

Our “DietBet” was up on September 10th, and I wound up losing 60% of what I wanted. Well – 58%. How we did it was that everyone put in a “virtual” $100, and told the moderator what they believed they could get down to in three months. So YOU set your goal and no one knew what anyone else said. (I set mine way too high, but live and learn!) Anyway – so then depending how much of your weight you had LOST is how much $$ you had to “put in” at the end. So as I had lost 58% of my weight, I had to put in $42. Jim and Stacy – Leann’s brother and his girlfriend – both lost 100% so they GOT all the $. It was a good bit of $$ at the end even though EVERYONE lost weight – and the good part, unlike other “Biggest Loser” bets I’ve been in is that your weight loss actually “helped” you in that you would not owe the entire $100 to “whoever won,” you would just owe “what you had not lost” – and if you got to 100%, you partook in the “kitty.” There were some other rules for if you went over 100% – but since it was only Jim and Stacy that even got to 100% (each went a bit over) I figure they will duke out how they split up the $ :-) They really did great!

I still need to lose about 15 lbs. until I’m at a comfortable weight (now if you’re good at math, you can figure out how much I lost LOL). I have slacked off some this past week, as it’s H coming home week, Megan’s wedding, the girls here, then our anniversary and my birthday. But then I’m back on. I actually like eating the way that I’ve been eating, and it’s pretty easy. I also went and saw Willie (the nutritionist) and I have to get her some information, so that she can see where my thyroid, etc. is – that’s on my “list” for next week.

SO again – Crossfit, Crossfit, and more Crossfit. I have the marathon on October 20th (or is it the 12th?) and I’m not doing that much running for that – though the other day with the team I did 14 Miles, and in Crossfit we always seem to have 100m, 200m, or 400m repeats in the WOD, so I’m not too worried.

Tonight’s workout (not including the warmup):

200M Run
15 DB Thruster 35/20lb
10 Toes 2 Bar

We wound up only having to do 5 rounds – I did the dumbbell thrusters with 5 lbs each hand (wowie zowie)…on about round 3 H said to me when I was doing my darndest to get my toes to the bar (which means basically I get my knees forward) that “if he could do it like that” he’d be a lot more happy – PISSED me off because, of course, I took it as basically saying I was sandbagging – we talked about it in the car and he said he didn’t mean that at all, he was just trying to keep himself going . . . I laughed, had a definite “Amazing Race” feel to it though, you constantly see the couples where one gets pissed at the other then they don’t talk about it! So there’s the learning – if you get pissed, SAY SOMETHING, it’s likely NOT that they are trying to belittle you they’re just trying to buck themselves up ;-)