Day 9 – #girlsgoneWOD

OK so today I walked (did not drive…) to Red Dragon (had a work trade), then managed to chat with Kat and sashay back, listening to the Bulletproof Executive podcasts and also the Girls Gone WOD podcasts . . . forgot my cell phone at home but “no big deal” because H isn’t around . . . leisurely pulled up my calendar once I yawned my way back to my desk and SHA-ZAM! discovered I’d completely bailed on my chiropractic appointment (which I’d actually had him move because of the Work Trade) by 2 hours. CRAP!!! I HATE THAT! I had to send a big “mea culpa” email to Jackie . . . argh.

Talked to Kat about the whole TAR-365 thing. Also told her I joined The Cave because of the Groupon – her view was that if I don’t like that box, come and join hers. She definitely is set that hers is the best WOD in the county. (Who knows, she’s probably right!) The thing I ~do~ like about The Cave is the whole Parkour/Gymnastics possibility . . . which is pretty damned funny for the girl who used to have her dad write doctor’s excuses to get me out of ANYTHING gymnastic all the way through grammar-middle-junior high. (I think that staving off panic attacks was high on Ze Parentz List . . . )

Anyway, so I walked instead of drove, and have been “gearing up” to start Crossfit on Monday. WHO SAID THAT. Lord in Heaven. I am also going to post right now that for Day 10 – tomorrow – I am getting up to get to a 6:40 run in Mill Valley and I think it’s 13 miles. I haven’t really “run run” since Vienna Marathon, not REALLY. I think doing Nike then CIM then Disney then Vienna was ’nuff marathons for me – I’ve been super lax about my workouts and it’s time to knuckle down since Nike is in October. Since I cancelled out on the Angel Island/RCP Mile swim because of the torn bicep attachment, I’ve just been one big’ole’sandbagger. I might die tomorrow . . . but at least I’ll die before the rest of the world is up so they won’t laugh at my crawling back home . . .

OK and finally – I admit that today I’ve been having a BLAST doing follow-up things for the gals who do this “Girls Gone WOD” podcast. One of them was a dancer in the Diana Ross/Super Bowl XXX (1996) – I checked their Twitter/Facebook/webpage to see if they had, in fact, as they’d said they would, looked for the clip and posted it – they hadn’t so I did. Then they talked about goal setting, so I posted the link for the that I discovered the other day through the Bulletproof Executive. And finally, now they’re talking about Haiku so I sent them one about their podcast.

This is probably me gearing up to SUCK ROCKS on Monday – so I’m trying to pile up some karma beforehand, so my “new BFFs” at Girls Gone WOD won’t disown me when they find out that sure, I can run like 30 miles, but it’s at 12 minutes a mile and I can’t even LIFT a kettlebell. True fact.

Yeah, but I have naturally curly hair, dang it. ::fluff::  ::fluff::