Day 8 – A great school to try! Plus a few notes on

I have a Groupon from TWO YEARS ago for this school: Adventure Out. I have had a “follow up on this” (through – my ABSOLUTELY favorite email/task system) for, yeah, two years.

I purchased two Groupons for their “Survival School” – which I thought would be a blast. H and I are discovering that we have a really bad habit of purchasing stuff that looks interesting – then putting it in a drawer until the coupon expires. Argh.

Anyway – so since you’re supposed to at least get the “value you paid” for the Groupon (which for me was $100), instead of 2-for-1, I just contacted the school to see whether I could get 1-for-1 ;-)

It’s in Marin – very close by. They also have Rock Climbing, Surfing, etc.

I believe that this could be a great, GREAT place to get some potential TAR skills.

I think that I mentioned I went yesterday and signed up at The Cave for the 20 Crossfit Conditioning sessions. I also downloaded some podcasts on Parkour, plus I have been listening more to the Bulletproof Executive Podcasts. The most recent Podcast that I listened to was with Dr. Doug McGuff, M.D. – and it was IMMENSELY INTERESTING – HERE is the link.

I actually listened to the Bulletproof Podcasts all night – it was sort of a mistake, but so it goes – I fell asleep to them playing on my Apple TV on the stereo in the bedroom, and woke up the next morning – yaaaawn! stretchhhh! – to them still playing. I had to laugh – maybe all that stuff is now subliminally knocking around in my brain. (If so, as David Asprey, the moderator, hawks his “Bulletproof Coffee” every single podcast, I’ll have to monitor my Amex charges in the dead of night. LOL. Actually, I DO make his “bulletproof” recipe now for coffee – though I use Weaver’s – and add his Brain Octane MCT Oil and 1 Tbs butter, now with a couple egg yolks – and it does act like a meal and does start my day off quite well, but I digress. Oh wait, I’ll digress some more – Weaver’s is MY HOMETOWN BREW and got voted WORLD’S BEST COFFEE recently, how proud am I – check out the articles about it HERE.)

Anyway – before the iPod died in the middle of the podcast, Dr. McGuff was talking about long distance Ironman/marathon/ultra athletes, and basically how doing this really messes up your body. Not only the way that we “know” it does (hip flexor issues, pounding on the pavement for hours, shoulder strains), but by telling your body that fast twitch muscle fibers really aren’t that important. That they’re just “dead weight” on your body. However, these muscle fibers are the ones that really help with insulin resistance, etc.

I personally know that I have about zero fast twitch fibers. I was thinking about this the other day, after signing up for the Crossfit stuff. It’s something that I want to rectify, as – when I have worked out – I’ve really been doing mainly “endurance-esque” (slow!) workouts for years. I’m also (as Dr. McGuff put it) one who “punches the ticket” with respect to working out – his comment was that it is like going to church or recycling – there isn’t a lot backing up that these 3 things do all that much, but they make you a “better person” so most of us mindlessly do them. Funny.

That is also why I wound up joining the “Parkour offering” Crossfit gym – ok, that and the Groupon (laugh) – because I KNOW that I need to “get this back” – I have zero and I mean ZERO “bounce” or “jump” or “sprint” in my body, and it’s time to recover that.

Now, time to call a law client, then off to the farmer’s market for my veggie box.

Happy New Year, all! May this coming year be FULL of grass-fed butter and organically-produced-ethically-raised honey! :-)

POSTSCRIPT: Listening to more podcasts – found and downloaded a few more that look interesting. I remember when I was REALLY into podcasts, now probably over three years ago (at least). Dang, I think we’re talking like 5 years ago . . . (thinks . . . ) yup, I think it was more like 2007 or so. I think that I fell out of doing it when I stopped commuting on the ferry, etc. – podcasts are so great for filling in that “in-between” time – and commuting was a big big part of that.

So, I walked again today – this time to the library to return the book for Book Club tonight – still tracking what I eat, etc. on the Jillian Michaels website. I’m glad that I’m doing this blog, and I’m toying with the idea of signing up for – it’s a website dedicated to “engraining good habits” and I liked what the founder had to say about it on one of the podcasts I listened to on my walk. HERE is a list of “popular habits” on Lift.Do – Similar to (without the $ risk) or, basically looks like you sign into a group, and report in how you’re doing. The cool thing is that they have a TON of groups already, and you wouldn’t really “know” folks in the group . . . you can sign up for something as mundane as Flossing every day (one of the top 5 groups!) or even “Work on a Secret Project,” etc. In the podcast (which was on the Bulletproof Executive feed, but I just looked there to link it and I can’t find it) the founder of Lift.Do talks about how, by and large, we only have the “bandwidth” to make a certain number of decisions in a day, and when we get to the end of that number, we’re done. He therefore postulated that things like “Floss” making it way up in the list is because people are trying to get that thing from a “decision” into being a “habit.”

He also talked about there being somewhat of a Maslow’s Hierarchy when it comes to the Groups – people originally join and then get into a group that’s a pressing thing they want in their life right at that moment – something they want to turn from a decision into a habit – like exercising or drinking more water (the top 2 groups). Then as people progress, they join groups to better themselves at work (“set priorities for the day” or “inbox zero”), then better their relationships (“tell my spouse I love them daily”) and ultimately to a more expanded world-view (“3 things I’m grateful for,” “pray,” “stop and enjoy life”).

I am just not sure I want to add one more thing I am “reporting into” – since I’ve committed to this blog in my TAR-365 commitment. Perhaps….Perhaps….Perhaps! :-)

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  1. LOVE it – and have posted it to a few folks on Facebook who are looking for “desires into habits”! Tnanks for “Seeing” me!

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