Day 77 Run Run Run ;-)

I’ve been running around all day. WELL, last night I drove down and was a keynoter, so I wasn’t home until close to midnight (LONG DRIVE), then had to get up and get to a meeting at 9 and have been running ever since! I have to do my SuperHero workout PLUS the Crossfit workout. And it’s now 5:20 (and Crossfit is at 6:30). Run Run Run!

BUT first, here is the review I got for the talk I gave last night at the Santa Clara Biltmore:

I wanted to thank you again for being at our event last night. Everyone learned so much and had such great compliments for you and the presentation! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen every person in the room rate the highest marks for the speaker (5 = perfect).

 I owe you a giant bottle of wine and a decadent meal… just say when and where and I’m in Marin to do it! It was so great to see you again!!!!

Yeah…I rocked it, M’wah M’wah kiss myself on my shoulders M’WAH (laugh).

Now Tomassa is here, so not quite sure how I’m going to do the SuperHero workout because part of it involves box jumps (e.g., the stairs). It is (for time):
30 hollow rocks, 30 lat jumps (30 each leg), 30 toe touches, 30 box jumps (together, or 15 each leg for stepping up). A “hollow rock” is when you hold your hands up and legs up, and “rock” back and forth with your entire body rigid (so like you are the rocker of a rocking chair). Lat jumps are when you jump over an object – a dumbbell, a bench, etc. (over and back = 1). Toe touches is like a hollow rock but you actually reach up to touch your toes, your toes stay in one place, your arms rock back and forth. Then box jumps are obvious – jumping up with 2 feet and down with 2 feet (or stepping down, or stepping up and stepping down).

At Crossfit, our WOD today is:

5 Rounds 1 min on each station w/ 30 sec rest between each station
Row for Cal
Front Squat 40/25KG
KBS 1.5/1P

SO, theoretically that means that we are done in…20-25 minutes?

I guess we write down how many reps we get to each time?

KBS is kettlebell swing – I can’t believe that 1P would be 1 pound (really?) – if that’s so they want you to get a billion in, in that minute – Front Squat is what it sounds like – put the bar across your shoulders, and squat (like THIS). If it’s really 25 KG that’s a bar (15 KG) plus 2 5KG plates. The hardest part is really keeping your elbows “pointing out” (like in the video) – oh and of course getting down that low (yeah, I can’t even get to 90 degrees with my knees much less past that!)

I gotta believe “row for Cal” means Cal like UC Berkeley – so that’s just rowing on the erg.

We’ll see.

It’s now 15 to 6:00 so I gotta try to do this SuperHero thing – maybe I’ll jump up onto some books. I better close my door.

Sometimes I think I’m insane. (I’m super sore btw from yesterday’s stretching and 5,000m row – omg my hammies!)


POSTSCRIPT: I did the SuperHero workout in 3:59 – see that’s the thing. It doesn’t take that long if you JUST DO IT! I did jump up on the zafu for the “box jumps” – and I just LOOKED at the (tiny!) dumbbell for the lat jump and thought – no can do. So I did the lowest she suggested which is jumping over a crack on the floor!

Now time to go to Crossfit. Gotta go get H.