Day 75…

Today’s Crossfit WOD (which H and I will be leaving presently to):

10 RFT
200M Run
10 Deadlift 60/40KG
5 OHS 60/40KG

It’s depressing – there are stars out! I HATE to go work out when it’s this dark. If it wasn’t for H wanting to go on T and TH nights (and being unable to do weekday mornings) I’d go to Amanda’s that’s now Tuesday at 9 a.m. (all the M-W-F 9 a.m. folks are going, per the board).

Today I also had my 2nd immune-booster flu “shot” of 6 (acupuncture), then after I went to Crossfit to change H’s membership from unlimited to 2 a week. It’s a lot less expensive, and he hasn’t even been making the 2/week! I thought I should do that. Then I practiced (in the empty box!) the rope climbs. I did the “prone” rope climbs, which means you lie on the ground under the rope, and climb “up it” with your hands until you are standing, then climb “down it” until you’re lying down again. I tried a couple times to get the “grip” with my feet for a rope climb, but honestly, without being able to even really hold myself up with my hands, that’s pretty premature.

I also did the “hardCore” workout today as I’m doing the Superhero 21 Day workout with Emily S. as recommended in the Girls Gone WOD Podcast. Emily is TOTALLY cute – Girl Crush! And she makes things look ridiculously easy. I mean – RIDICULOUS!

I’m not sure if you can see her here, but this is the workout for today:

(It might be “locked” because of the Superhero challenge, not sure)

Today’s workout was 5 rounds of 5 burpees, then 10 pushups to plank to row, 15 situps.

The burpee is of course self-explanatory, though my home burpees pretty much look like stairclimbers – it’s not possible for me to jump my feet together up or back – I have to do one at a time. Pathetic. When I do burpees at the gym now, I go down to the ground flat, then sort of “pike up” – but at home, I’m doing the hop-ish up, hop-ish back version.

The pushup-plank-row was nasty. I did the pushups from my knees on a pillow – and REALLY concentrated on keeping my elbows next to my body instead of “winged out” (which is the biggest fault and can really get you hurt). Of course I couldn’t go all the way down but I tried. After the pushup, you get into plank position, and then you have 2 dumbbells under you – you row one up from the floor to your armpit, then you put that one down and row the other, and that whole thing is “1” count. You’re supposed to do the pushups ON the dumbbells, but, um, NO. Hurts my hands too much.

Because I did Tabata situps on Friday I have a big “rub” where my tailbone sticks “out” (yes, that’s me, see my tail) and so it’s hard to do situps. I did them on a pillow and sort of did more like modified “V-ups” because the pillow was too high and if I tried to go down into a situp, I was sort of back-arched “over’ the pillow and I’m not strong enough to get back up and over that with my abs. Pa-the-tic!

Moddie and I looked through the Groupons we have, to try to get some going. I also emailed Shendl re getting going on our Nutrition Certification. OMG I started reading the handbook and it’s HARD! I mean we’re talking like M.D.-level cell biology hard. Holy COW. Serves me right!

I gotta go kick H into action now. No word of course from TAR on our submission – I’m kinda bummed that you don’t even get a “thanks but no thanks” per their website. Fingers crossed! I think that we were super cute and so honest!


Postscript – PR’d deadlift! 10×10 at 35 k (the bar is 15 k, I started with 5 k plates each side, thought it was a little light, so upped it to 2 5k plates each side). The great part is that this matched H’s weights, and he had to stop during the 10s tho I didn’t. SO HAPPY! Of course the Overhead Squats I had to do with the purple “power band” instead of a weight – so it goes…HAPPY re the PR!