Day 70 – waiting – now that’s different.

Crossfit workout today:

25 Min AMRAP
10 Wall Ball
5 Toes 2 Bar
100M Run

I still can’t do Toes 2 Bar, but I can definitely get my knees up to “sitting” position while hanging from the bar. I could also swing back a bit today. 5 isn’t so bad – it’s just the perfect amount to do your best without having to drop off.

The Warmup included “Rowling” which is a new Crossfit ‘game’ combining rowing and bowling. The idea is that you sit on the rower, and you have 10 rounds trying to get the score to stop exactly at 100 meters. If let’s say it stops at 97, you get 3 points (100-97), if it stops at 120, you get 20 points (120 – 100). Obviously, lowest score “wins” (just like bowling). Getting it right on 100 gets you a “strike.”

Turns out if I row to about 80 meters then give one tiny “tug” more, I get it to like 97. I think if I could row evenly to 82 meters it would be about perfect. I did fairly well – I only got an 18 – and a few strikes in there. I did have a 96 which blew it for me – didn’t go over though. I can TOTALLY see that being a TAR event!

I did 11 reps in the 25 minutes, plus the wall balls, toes to bar (well, for me, “knees up”), and 50 meters of the run before Anthony called “time.” I wasn’t going to go out and bust it for the run, but I keep thinking “I HAVE to push harder than I think I can.” TAR training, bay-bee! When he called time I was at the 50 meter mark.

Now, we just wait. I’m not exactly sure what will happen – it makes it very clear on the “intake” form that you may not hear anything at all. Interestingly, the choice of law on the Arbitration clause for the Terms of Use was San Francisco, so I did a little more “digging” and found out that the address that’s listed is the CBS address downtown in the City! I think it’s right next door to the ABC studios where I used to go to do the View From The Bay tapings. That would be SWEET if the 2nd round would be here . . . I just imagined it would be in L.A. In my daydreams, they call us because what the Heck, we’re local (smile).

I went onto YouTube and there are a number of videos – GOOD ones – that come up with the link “The Amazing Race Application 2014.” Similar to what we would have had, they have a lot of “cool video” going on. In their Terms and Conditions, they state that the video belongs to them, though the photos, etc. in the video continue to belong to us. So “legally” from an intellectual property perspective, we can’t actually post something in a public forum because they “own” it. I’m quite sure of course that no one has read the Terms and Conditions (laugh) – they must not have, of course, because most of them use music that I’m sure they don’t have a license to, etc.! (Yeah yeah, I’m SUCH the lawyer!)

There is one part in the Terms though that states that they “may make us” post it – which was one of my thoughts when I saw a lot of Applications from previous years. I can see them asking potential contestants to post their videos, then “ranking” them in accordance with how many “Likes” or “Comments” they get. That would be super smart – in other words, if you get like 400 likes, versus getting 400,000 likes, TAR might believe that you would get fewer folks to watch the show than the 400,000 likes person could deliver. Heck, I’d stand on a corner or make a QR Code and make people scan it and just press LIKE if that’s what it would take…seriously! I actually figure if you take all the Teams we’ve been on and their Facebook pages, my Facebook pages, the SendOutCards pages, Moddie’s softball groups, etc. etc., plus telling everyone we know to SHARE it, that we could (hopefully!) get something to go viral. (Okay, at least like “catch a cold”… <wink>)

I think that I’d go through all my files, especially for clients I have done a ton of work gratis for. And I would send out a personal email saying – “Look, you and I both know I’ve done a ton of work for you for free. Now’s the time to pay the piper. I need you to spend at least the amount of time I’ve given you for free hawking our YouTube video to everyone you know. This is not a time to be embarrassed. You have an all-company e-bulletin board? Please post it. Have a morning meeting? Please mention it. I’ll give you the link, I’ll make you a QR Code, I’ll do whatever you want. But you’ve received a lot of free law help – here’s your time to pay it back.”

Luckily I don’t have anything on the calendar today until tonight when I’m starting a Legal Education 6 week seminar – at the Chabad House, of all places – it’s on Ethics which I actually think will be really interesting. I couldn’t do it at the Chabad House that’s near me because that one is on Tuesdays, when I have Crossfit. But this one is on Wednesday. It’s actually at the “big uber rabbi”‘s house for Marin – my rabbi said to tell him that he sent me so he gets some cred. (That made me laugh.) I really like the “uber rabbi” – I sat near him at a dinner once, and have seen him a number of times – he has an “Ask The Rabbi” booth at the Farmer’s Market! He’s super nice and I’d always get him some coffee. I’m a little leery only because he isn’t married (recently divorced) and in the Chabad space (which is fairly Orthodox) I’m always afraid of doing something stupid (touching a man, for example <smile>) and when there’s a wife there usually I just do what she does. But this will be a good training for me – doing something new and a little risky ;-)

Moddie and I were talking about languages the other day. I want to start re-listening to the CDs I burned onto my iTunes from the Tiburon Library. As I think I detailed before, I just took my laptop there and sat there for hours, burning each one. I have at least a dozen languages in my library! I don’t think Moddie has a laptop so I’m not exactly sure how to get her the Spanish recordings (she said she wants to start with Spanish, which will be great – I will concentrate on French and German for now). I wonder if I can email them?

OK yeah I should go and see if there is any work in my email but I’m going to go try that first. Bad me. Obsessed, obviously.

I might post our video here, if Moddie says it’s okay. I need to ask her.

POSTSCRIPT: Just joined the “21 day Superhero challenge”: – so did ANOTHER workout, this one the “Hot Potato” which was 10 thrusters/10 walking lunges with weight, 5 RFT. I did it in 3:something (I forget) but did it with VERY low weights (3 lbs) because I already did Crossfit today.

Yeah time for a shower ;-)