Day 66 – NEW storyboard for video with Moddie

Okie dokie, so remembering that the idea is that the “Relationship” should be interesting to get on TAR, we have black/white, older/younger, shorter/taller, 10 years age dif, LOTS OF COLLEGE/STREET SMARTS, outdoorsy & brave/bookworm….Here are general thoughts:

I think that we might want the first part to look like a “scrapbook” with us doing voiceovers. Like an old style scrapbook with black pages and the little “photo corners” like this:

This one only has 1 photo per page – we need it to go faster, so I think we could have 2-4 photos per page.

We want to tell each of our stories. again, the idea is to be “dramatic” and stress the “differences” – so theoretically we could start out with photos from our childhood (we don’t have a lot of time – I only have one or two, but that’s OK, hopefully Moddie has some):

So the first scrapbook pages, if me, could just be grew up in the standard middle class suburban home. I did upload some photos into Dropbox of my parents doing some crazy travelling – they never did this when I was a kid, but started after we were out of the house. Theoretically I could state that this “Life’s too short” thing started me to be more brave (I was a VERY unbrave and shy little girl, got good enough grades, kept my nose clean as it were.) I can end by saying I have done a lot of travel, but all with my husband (photos in Dropbox), and that this will be an adventure to show that I can do this stuff on my own. I also have the photos from what I uploaded potentially for Robbie – of me with books as a young kid – showing I was mainly a bookworm until I was in my 20s. Could use those potentially too.

Moddie’s can show how her start was less standard – talk about her upbringing, finding her “Mom,” etc. (See photos uploaded by Candice in Facebook – if she could send us some of these a little better we can get them in – the Yearbook one is CLASSIC). Not sure how much traveling she’s done – if not much, best to stress that – because again then we seem a “dichotomous team” – I’ve traveled, she’s not so much, etc. Always best to show differences, differences, differences as they want potential “drama” that might happen under stress. Moddie comes off more as brave, etc. from the outset, loves to be outside, hiking, caving, etc.

All of this has to be FAST – if we can each do it in 30 seconds that’d be best.

Then the next minute would be talking about how we met, did training together, raised $10,000s for fighting blood and bone cancers through Team In Training. Those photos are all in the book. That we are both in the same neighborhood, same situation now.

The last minute could be (we have to “show ourselves interacting”) a photo of us lying on either end of the yellow sofa (like we were last night) – it could come up as a photo in the “scrapbook” and then it starts moving (e.g., the photo morphs into the video). I think it should be us talking about The Amazing Race. Ideas would be something like (it “fades in” to us talking, like we have been at it for hours):

Me: “Do you think we could beat all the other teams?”

Moddie: “Hey, we don’t have to aim to be first. We just have to not ever come in last.”

Me: (Laughing) “You have a point there…”

Moddie: “What would you do with the money?”

Me: “Undoubtedly some fun stuff, but I really want to start a non-profit for kids going through chronic pain and their parents and siblings. Caleb is going through such a rough time and my heart just goes out to him, I can’t believe they can’t find anything wrong.”

Moddie: “Of course, after you take your husband on a first class tour of the Mediterranean…(laughing)”

Me: “Oh that goes without saying right? (Laughing)”

Video fades back to being just a photo, of the last clip, page turns:

Moddie Stone, 40,

Sandy Shepard, 51,

Motto: “Never Be Last To The Mat.”