Day 65 – I did do Crossfit AND I did do Crossfit.

Went to Crossfit last night – it was only Jay and me (and Bo of course). We did the WOD, no fuss no muss. I did the back squats with the orange bar – but no rack because Jay had the one rack, and I’m not sure where the others were (it was weird – maybe they were being used for some Halloween thing over in the gymnastics or the parcour gyms?) Anyway – so I could have squatted more, but I couldn’t get the bar OFF my shoulders at a higher weight. I did a fancy little number where I grabbed the bar with my right hand on my left shoulder (right shoulder is the  bad one) and then “spun around” under the bar, so now I was facing backwards but holding the bar in my hands to put it down on a stack of boxes (slick!)

I beat Jay but only because he’s pretty slow on the run. He’s the big football player guy. His wife is having some sciatica problems, and H didn’t feel well enough to go.

Today I was on the computer piddling around when I realized that the WOD started at 9:00 not 9:30 (duh!) – it was about 8:50 when I realized this. I SPRANG out of bed (yes, shades of “The Night Before Christmas”) and into my clothes and out the door – luckily I’d already had my Bulletproof Coffee so I was “fed” – I’d even put Collagen Protein in it because of planning to go to Crossfit, just – duh – blew the time.

Everyone was warmed up by the time I got there so I did a very VERY quick warmup and then we had at it. The 9:00 WOD is the gang who all can do everything – except Marfur (the new girl, but she’s like 20 and super fit) and moi.

The WOD was:

20 Min AMRAP
10 Wall Ball
7 Toes 2 Bar
5 Burpee

I did the wall balls with the 10 pound ball. It’s very VERY weird, I have this odd sense I might have done 20 on some of my reps. (I’m not sure about that, maybe I”m mixing it up with yesterday). No – probably not – because I did 8 full reps then 17 (meaning I did the wall balls (1o) and the scaled Toes 2 Bar (7) which means, for me, bringing my knees up as if I’m sitting in a chair, hanging from the pullup bar). Marfur did 9 and change, most everyone else was in the 12-14 range (Rx).

The BIG thing though was that I actually DID the Burpees – as I mentioned about 3 blogs ago. I basically did a “flop down, upward-dog up” version, but that’s OK, it counts. It sucked. Around rep. 6 or 7, I was on like #3 and I realized I was down and couldn’t get up. My head was POURING with sweat (I was leaving a puddle on the ground, and I was sweating so hard that there was a “Team In Training” logo actually in the mat under my shirt – I’m not sure how THAT happened, maybe somehow heat imprinted in the black mats???). Bo said “Come on Sandy!” and I was able to get the next 2 done. As the saying goes from something I posted a week or so ago: “Yeah, burpees hate you, too.” LOL!

Turns out Bo and Amanda (“Team BoManda”) are going to be down doing Rebel Rising in Huntington Beach tomorrow. I FB’d Joy from Girls Gone WOD to see if she could go cheer them on – she’s in So Cal on business, from Denver – but she has to work all Saturday. BUMMER!

My shoulder feels totally fine. I have a “stitch” under my right glute from I think (believe it or not) the situps last night. I used to be the situp QUEEN and I really suck. I have 3 rolls to “sit up and over.”

My November goals: (1) do burpees full when in the WOD (yay! done!) (2) do something stomach/core-related EVERY day – whatever it is, from a candlestick situp to rockers to situps to knee ups hanging from the bar (we did that yesterday and today) (3) work on pullups 2x/week minimum.

OH AND – so when I got home, I discovered that the WonderUnders I was wearing both today and yesterday (which I had gotten from Jane – she had BETTER not have given these to me because she KNEW this!) had a big hole in the seam right along the butt crack!) OMG! I started thinking about what we did yesterday and today – and whether I might have done any Squats Of Shame (laugh)…I know that the back squats I did yesterday I did facing the wall, then we had running, pushups and situps. Can’t remember the warmup so maybe I shouldn’t LOL. Today we had squats in the warmup but no one was watching, wall balls, the hanging knees up (Rx: toes to bar) and burpees. I THINK I might have been okay. It’s a real shame because those doggone things are expensive and there’s no way to fix this hole. I did wonder why Jane was giving them up frankly – especially as they were just the right size for me. I have worn them a few times before but I would have seen that sort of a hole – so I think actually the squats last night and today just “did” it (or “expanded” it). I would believe that at LEAST Michael or Margo (maybe Karen) would TELL me if I was having a Squat of Shame (Laugh) – so I have to believe that no one noticed, if it DID “crack open” Aaaaaaaaugh!!!!!!!!!! Yes it would be better if I had been wearing oh say black undies but you know how tight those things are so I was in a thong, so no joy there.

So that’s my checkin! LOL!