Day 64 – I will, I will, I WILL go to Crossfit ;-)

I meant to mention that when we were in Tahoe, I had all the language tapes with me. At one point, H walked in when I was puttering around (I thought he was still in the shower) and I was counting in Portuguese. As I have not shared this TAR thing with him, he was very confused.

I haven’t shared TAR with him because who knows if we will get on. I PLAN that we will get on, but one never knows. So telling him now would be ridiculous. Instead, I figure I’ll tell him after we’ve been chosen. Since you do the whole thing in 2 weeks (even if you’re eliminated right away, you have to stay “sequestered” so that no one can figure out who won by who “goes home”), I figure that about 2 weeks out I’ll tell him “oh by the way…”

Barbell Back Squat
Barbell Back Squat

Today’s Crossfit workout:
200M Run
10 Back Squat 70/45KG
15 Push Up
20 Sit up

That’s not so bad. I am fairly sure I can’t do it with 45 KG (that’s about what I do a deadlift at – you know, those things that everyone else does with like 200 lbs? LOL) but hopefully I can do it with the bar itself (like the photo). The key is to try to get your thighs as close to 90 degrees as possible, with keeping your shins fairly straight up and down. (The gal in this photo seems to have her knees over her toes instead of more over her ankles – but who am I to judge?? :-) )

H just said he’s “not sure” that he will go to Crossfit tonight. I’m not sure what’s up with him. Luckily, he is just leaving for an appointment with my acupuncturist – he’s felt unwell for SO long, I think he will at least START to get some relief by seeing her. In reality, I’m fairly sure what he needs to do is to get on my nutritionist’s “eating system,” but I can’t force that.

I do pretty well, but I’m back being “bad” because now I feel like TAR is farther off. As in, I had some pie at Tom and Jan’s going away party (though it was gluten-free) and let’s not talk about how much cheese and ice cream I ate!

The biggest habit I got out of was making the green shakes which I really do feel were a boon to me. You have to make them with NOT so much “green” stuff (it makes it just disgusting), and not too “taste-heavy” like for example kale. Best nutrition profile, believe it or not, winds up being romaine lettuce, which I can just eat a whole headful of while sitting on the computer. I had been very good with this until H and I went away in September, then got out of the habit. However, today at the Farmer’s Market I “bulked up” again on the stuff to make it – I need to go to Trader Joe’s to get some frozen wild organic blueberries and such,, but time to get that going again.

I’m reading Thinner Next Year again, which really is such a great book. It cracks me up. It’s like Younger Next Year but really talks about the nutrition aspect. I also have finally downloaded the Nutrition Certification info to my computer, and so I need to start working my way through that. I love this stuff, so I think once I get started it will be just interesting to really learn.

Went to BNI again this week – last week I was Dr. Cinda’s guest, because she has my testimonial on her website and this week I was the substitute for Willie, my nutritionist. You only get to “visit or sub” 2x every 6 months, so I “shot my wad” as it were. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE keeps coming up to me and saying I’m the life of the chapter, etc. and would I PLEASE come back? I’m not sugar-coating it any more – they didn’t ever give me any actual referrals, so it didn’t even pay the monthly dues to be a member. And I was a member for YEARS! So I’m glad that folks liked me being there – but they didn’t do anything to KEEP me there. It’s a bummer because I put a LOT of $$$ into that chapter in referrals. Ah well!

So that’s my check-in for now. I’m feeling sleepy and a bit under the weather, which I’m quite sure is mainly due to not really exercising in a week, and last week (except for the marathon) only really working out a few times. Time to get back on track. The bad part is that I wind up being able to do one (say exercise) and then I want to “treat myself” on the other (food) – or vice versa. Tough to get them both aligned!

OH – and I cut about 4-5″ off my hair so now it’s at my shoulders. It’s VERY cute. It makes the waves really “work” (because they’re not as heavy) and I think I look a lot younger. Of course, my face is super puffy because I’m retaining water/weigh too much – but my hair is very cute! Donna also “reversed” it back towards my natural color versus bleaching it – she said it was time. I was looking through a lot of old photos this past week (cleaned out boxes in the office closet) and realized that for my hair to look more full and healthy, I really can’t let it get much longer than shoulder-length. And at that length, I can still pull it back, but it’s not so long as to be “unruly.” Funny when I think I had my hair at “sit-on” length when I was in 8th grade – and how proud I was of that – but I think that sort of length hair really ages you. You look like an old hippie ;-) This way it’s still “long” (especially as my neck is so long!), but it’s more fun and looks “perkier.”

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it ;-)