Day 56 – hike, a tiny bit of work, regrouping

burpee shirtburpee shirt 2So today, since I MUST listen to the doggone book club book (Book Club is tomorrow), I’m going to “Hike” to the store as I think I mentioned I would do yesterday. I didn’t make it to Crossfit today – I had somewhat of a “plan” to do it, but I didn’t set an alarm, and woke up at 9:00 a.m. The “warm sick Panda curled up in bed” thing . . . (H has gone from calling himself the Panther – which has always been his self-moniker – to the Panda . . . unfortunately I am not the only one who has “succumbed” to my gourmet dinners and wine LOL!)

When I mentioned to him that I hadn’t made it to Crossfit, his reaction was: “Why don’t they call it CruciFit or GrumpyFit? I think that fits it better.” Said with Viennese accent of course. Made me laugh out loud.

chris_burpees-300x300I plan to do some Crossfit-esque things today though. I want to see if there is ANY way I can figure out how to do a Burpee without engaging my right shoulder in a painful way. I certainly can’t do pushups, but Bo showed us “the flop” of a Burpee that is “perfectly allowable” yesterday – and I want to see if there is some way to do that. He said that the deal with a Burpee (wonder how that silly thing got that name…) is that you need to have the following components:
1. Start standing.
2. Squat down, putting your hands on the ground.
3. Get the front of your hips onto the ground, “however you can.”
4. Get back up to standing.
5. Put hands up, jump up.
6. Repeat.

Now, how “everyone” does Burpees is to start standing, put their hands down on the ground near their feet, “jump” their legs out (a la a Plank), go down to the ground (sorta a “belly flop” though if you’re really good, more controlled LOL), push up, jump feet back up to hands, stand up/jump/hands up together. HOWEVER, Bo was showing the one gal that’s heavy in our 6:30 WOD that it’s “perfectly acceptable” to do “what it takes” to get the hips down and then back up – e.g., crawl down on knees, step back up forward, whatever. The “parts” of the Burpee are as above – as in, if you do all those things, “however you do them,” you’ve done one. (Similar to “toes to bar” – you’re “supposed” to raise your toes up and touch the bar where your hands are hanging in an impressive move of ab strength, but if instead you bring your knees up, wiggle, turn sideways, grunt, stretch, and kick out and manage to get some part of both feet to the bar, that counts.)

We’ll see what I can do.

I did manage to get 13 minutes’ worth of billable time today (rah-bloody-rah) – though that’s $65.00. And it will also lead to about the same amount of work tomorrow (this was an intake call, tomorrow will be an email I have to write, but the client is going to draft it to “save himself money” – then I will tweak and send to the other side). I said something in the call that had us both in a fit of giggles (and this guy is an uber-serious head of a company so not a big giggler) – once I figured out what he wanted, and we’d talked out the strategy of how to do it, I meant to say “Okay, I think that’s set, I agree with you on our strategy.” Instead, I said “Okay, I think that’s set, I agree with me on our strategy.” He was silent for a second, as we both processed what I’d said, then to break the silence I said “Obviously I’m schizophrenic – and so am I.” And he started to giggle. Lord almighty, what a boob I am sometimes LOL!

Last night, R put the brakes on the video for November. She had gone through and scanned in old photos, etc. – and said that “I just don’t realize” how far off the rails she’s gone since I last saw her (which has to be a couple years) – so N-O to the video being done by November 7th intake. That’s fine – it seemed a little soon to me as well (considering I still am a big whimp doing anything close to Strength-related, and I think that’s going to have to be my forte in our pairing), and I THINK that in fact TAR has 2 “intakes” because it seems to ME that the “last” Episode (the one where the father broke his ankle) was less than a year ago…this would mean (a la So You Think You Can Dance) that they actually have a “semi-annual” intake. Fine by me – I called this 365 days to TAR for a reason LOL.

I did find some old photos to put into Dropbox, which Prashant saw and said he loved. I don’t have any “in between” photos – I know that I actually DO have some from when R and I first met, I just don’t know exactly where they are. That gives me a little more time for “filler” photos (though I put like 30 into Dropbox)! I made Mom scan some from when I was a little kid – always with book in hand – I told her that it was for a speaking engagement coming up, because the LAST thing I need to do is to tell her I’m thinking of applying to TAR. In fact – SOMEWHERE (okay I gotta find that…) I have a photo of me hang gliding – it’s not a great photo, and we were just running down sand dunes in Mexico – but the important part of it was that AFTER I did it, I let my Mom know and she had a fit (this was freshman year in college LOL). She told people for the next ten years that I “never ask for permission, I ask for forgiveness.” (Which, come to think of it, is not a bad thing to put into the video)


Well, just got off a 45 minute “potential new client” call, answering questions. I feel fairly certain that this will NOT turn into paying work – the gal is just starting out, and is in the unenviable situation where she’s “moved forward” with 3 other people but they didn’t have anything in writing – and she’s feeling uneasy about how things are developing. She’s been a serial entrepreneur, and she has the “knowledge” in the area of this business . . . 2 of the folks “don’t really think they need a contract” (ACK) and the other one – who doesn’t actually have ANY knowledge in the area of business, etc. – is the one who suggested that she call me. I think that she’s going to have to figure out a graceful way to pull out – which is ALWAYS an ENORMOUS pain when there isn’t any “paper” from the outset. Yes, that’s my lawyer hat you see firmly on my head – DO NOT MOVE FORWARD WITH SOMEONE UNLESS YOU HAVE YOUR AGREEMENT ON PAPER – BECAUSE YOU WILL GET STUCK WITH A GENERAL PARTNERSHIP UNDER THE LAW AND BELIEVE ME I KNOW YOU DON’T WANT ONE.

Two Google Calendar reminders have gone off as I’ve been writing this – one to make something for a business associate who had a heart attack a week ago “out of the blue” (though she smokes, drinks, etc.) – and another to do some letters of reference. I really gotta do that, then I’ll get going. Some day, I will do something that pays LOL.

Did I say I will hike to the grocery store today? I will.