Day 49 – no crossfit but language tapes ;-)

Crossfit workout:

200M Run
25 Box Jump
15 Pull Up
5 Deadlift 100/70KG

I am typing this in the night before – I might actually do this one – I like all those things. Of course, the pullups would kill me LOL! I did what – 4 x 10 on Monday? And this is 6 x 15…? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I can’t do 70 KG deadlift – but I can do 40 (orange bar is I think 10 kg, and then the 30 kg plates) – I think I could do 6 x 5 of that.

Box jumps – Bo said to put a 5 kg plate in between the 25s the next time. So that’d be what I’d do.

Wondering about them pullups…..

UPDATE: Yeah, not going. I’m SO SORE from yesterday’s WOD that I’m going to try to get a massage today. I have a masseuse that in “$-ier times” I purchased like a 10-pack from and still have massages left on – I’ve already emailed her! Have a ton of chores to do today (running around-type chores – going to post office, helping Mom pick out a rug color, etc.) but I can smoosh them around my calendar and get that massage in. Oooooouch, sore!

My Day 49-TAR thing will be listening to language tapes while chore-ing.

UPDATE: No massage – SIGH! – masseuse booked. I did get a Groupon spray-tan though and it looks glorious ;-)