Day 42 – Crossfit; last Wednesday run; time

Today at Crossfit, Anthony told me that I had “graduated” so I can do the Conditioning WOD or the “regular” Level WOD. I think I’ll stay in Conditioning for a while, thank you! (Until I can oh, say, do a pull up or something LOL).

Here’s the workout for today:

15 RFT
Run 100M
7 Deadlift 70/45KG
5 Burpee

I did the deadlifts with the orange bar and 10 kg – Traci did it with adding another 5 kg (two smaller 2.5s) and I think I might do that next time. Anthony “welcomed me to the club” upon seeing my sexy bruise from deadlifting into my knee last time around.

Did the burpees on the tallest box – took it outside. I’m not sure how long it all took me – I was second to the end before Marfer (Maria Fernanda) – Margo rocked it and was in first of all.

The warmup included donkey kicks (which I still can’t do), bear walks (which is basically walking forward and back with your arms/legs straight. Grrrrrr), “Good Mornings,” jumping squats (I did regular), shoulder rolls.

I mentioned to Anthony that next week I can’t really do the WOD because it’s the week before the marathon – he said he’d ask some folks who do endurance running that are members of the box what they’d suggest I do. What he said was that if I was still doing Conditioning, I should pick one thing and work on it, so that “ultimately” I can “really” do the regular WODs. I have to figure out what that thing will be. I want to say pullups. They suck, but I know there’s gotta be a trick. ;-) I mentioned to Anthony that it was frustrating my core was so weak – I can’t even do V-ups. He said that the thing is, that the squats, dead lifts, etc. ALL work the core, so you don’t just “need to do a billion situps” to get that together. Which makes sense. I certainly remember though too that the stronger my core was for example in biking, the easier the biking was and the easier on my shoulder. Without that ab strength, I would put more weight on my hands, and so after 100 miles or so my shoulder would ACHE (as in, I’d have to stop and really wiggle it around, etc.) The best abs I really had was before Lavaman, and WOW it made a difference in my overall performance. Even swimming – your abs are tight, you float better.

So this is the last Wednesday workout with LLS. The marathon came fast! I’ll be glad that it’s over though. Not that I’ve really done all that much as a mentor – leading some Saturday runs, going Wednesday, etc. – and I really honestly didn’t get “into” the training like I did all the other marathons this past year. I think it’s because I was really “done” when Trish asked me to be a co-mentor with her. I would have turned her down, but the email RIGHT after that was Brian telling me that Kimmi had passed away from cancer. So I realized that I “had to” do this one for her – she and I had actually joked not a year before that she “would be” doing Nike with me this year. Saw Brian last week – he’s SUCH a great guy – it was his anniversary on Sunday thought, and he was going to go to the big Golden Gate Park bluegrass shin-dig … he said last year, he and Kimmi went for their anniversary, and she was feeling “a little sick” from the cancer coming back but (dot dot dot). Wow.

And my last subject line thought has to do with Time. I just don’t seem to have any – ! I think that the Crossfit thing really does bite a big hunk out of the day. I actually do like the 6:30pm WOD better…because after, I just come home, have dinner, H and I hang, go to bed. But the 9:00am WOD, I’m done by somewhere around 10:30, then have to come home, do some email, post to the blog (smile), shower, then BLAM it’s already noon (like now). I have a thing with Francine at 3:00 in Mill Valley, then the last LLS workout is at 6:00 in the City. Day gone. Yeah, I know, I know, I’m lucky – I don’t have to “do the 9-5” and all that jazz. But I do have work I have to do – I’m just not getting to it in a timely fashion, because I’m so TIRED! That’s not good. I didn’t even go last Wednesday to the workout, because I realized when 5:00 rolled around that in reality, I didn’t want to get in my car – I wanted to go to bed. And so I did….


4 thoughts on “Day 42 – Crossfit; last Wednesday run; time

  1. Really sorry to hear about Kimmi. Good of you to dedicate that co-mentoring time to her. If Brian sees this ever, he should know you were thinking of her.

    About two months ago I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up in the middle of the night I could not raise my left arm. Frozen shoulder, it’s called. I’m still coping. I have limited elevation. I can hold a pair of 8 lb weights in my hands behind my head and work my deltoids without a problem, but the limited mobility sideways bothers me. There’s not a lot to do for it, from what I’ve read, but to stretch gently and let it mend. I can’t just roll over in bed and hit the light with that arm though without a big twinge.

  2. yeah, I have the same thing. “Old lady shoulder” (laugh). Crossfit is REALLY helping, it’s a little amazing. Also, I worked out of that book “Supple Leopard” with some “muscle mashing” exercises that hurt like the dickens (basically taking a lacrosse ball and rolling around on it in your armpit, etc.) but they’re really quite remarkable. I think I mentioned that Anthony said that next week (because it’s the week before the marathon) I need to “pick something” to start working on. I think it’s going to be pull ups. No way I can do push ups, and other of “that sort of exercises” with my shoulder (Handstands, etc.) but I think I might be able to work on pull ups.

  3. it is actually where your shoulder is. in a pull up it is mainly your chest and back but in a push up your shoulder is very involved you can tell the difference if you were just to grab the top of a doorway and tried to pull yourself up versus getting into a pushup position and trying to go down and up. you’d see automatically

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