Day 162 (February 14th)

Today’s workout:

8 Rounds 20 Sec On 40 Sec Off
Row For Cal

5 Rounds 3 Min On 1 Min Off
5 Pull Up
10 DB Snatch 50/35lb

We put the ergs outside because (though foggy) it was super nice outside and felt cooped up to be rowing facing the roll-up doors! I wish I’d had my cell phone to have Bo take a photo of all of us across. Susanna and I were next to one another and were competitive together, which was actually a lot of fun. I got to 53 I want to say – I forget – something like that. I came in 2nd to someone down the line, forget who.

It’s always so funny when you’re rowing your BUTT off and at the end, you have “burned” like a tiny fistful of calories. Cracks me up.

Susanna actually wanted to run (she doesn’t like rowing as much and she’s a crack runner), but then Margo said to her, “Oh, what, like this…” (running in place super fast) “One calorie….two calories….” Cracked me up.

The (B) was a killer. I’m still on the black band for the pullups, and even at that I could barely get 3 15s (5 pullups/10 snatches) before they called time each round. I did get 4 extra in the first round and 1 extra in the last, for a total of 15 full rounds, plus 5. I did the snatches with the 10 pound dumbbell, and I think I could go up to 12 if we have them. Still not sure my shoulder could take 15. It’s interesting that my LEFT shoulder seems to be having the “give up at the top” issue these days – and it’s my “good” shoulder. (That’s the shoulder that sort of collapsed at the top of the kettlebell swing the other day, where I had to do a “rodeo rope move” to stop it from falling on my head. Slick.)

Came home and H called from Vienna for Valentine’s – now I’m lonely ;-( I still have to finish his birthday project, and I SO DO NOT WANT TO DO IT! (laugh!) I can’t remember if I mentioned what it is – cataloging and tagging our wine cellar. I only have 60 bottles to go (I counted!) but I am SO over it! :-)

Basically now like 2-3 years ago, I put all our wine into – but then we never checked any wine OUT when we drank it, and didn’t REALLY have a way to know “what was where” in the cellar. I opened CellarTracker a month or so ago – and it said we had 800 bottles! (Uh, no. 400 maybe, but 800, no.) The thing I realized was that there was an immensely high likelihood that stuff we’d put “down” (in the back of the cellar – it’s one long wall so “towards the door” is drink now, “towards the back” is “put down) was now PAST its prime drinking age. I didn’t REALLY want to find out, but I thought I not only had to tag them all (with actual neck tags that corresponded to the CellarTracker), but also I had to re-order the cellar so that all the wines were in their “drink by” year order.

(I might have written about this already – can’t remember)

Anyway – so there is a whole section that is (SIGH) “drink by 2006” – it goes up from there – but about 2/3 of the cellar is between 2006-2014. We have ONE rack that’s 2015 on.

Of course the funniest part is that we gave up alcohol (for dietary/cleansing reasons) on January 2nd – we said we’d do it for a month, but starting in February we have cut it back t just a bottle of champagne a week.

So we either have to start doing our “roulette wine give-away” like we have done before, or something – maybe a BIG BIG party. (Laugh!)

I’m procrastinating on this and on doing my GiveIt100 films for today, too. I think if I can get up off the couch and out from under the cat (smile) I will knock off at LEAST like 1/3 of the cellar, and the GiveIt100 films. Just gotta dislodge the cat. And oh, that couch suck.

:-) Now off to see if I can figure out how to get my old podcasts back listed on iTunes….


Dumb bell Snatch: doing this with 10s. Move up to 12s if there is such a thing. If not, see what the kettlebell weights are (they are kilograms, so there might be more of an “in-betweener” weight using a KB)

Pullups: Still on the black band. Need to BRING MY BAG INTO the box – had my flatter-bottomed CF shoes in my bag in the car, which is what I really needed for the whole WOD (rowing included), but I was just too lazy to go back out and get them. Also need to take the sweat headband off my rearview mirror and bring it in! The past two days I have been basically blinded by sweat. (This has got to be a good thing though.)

Erg: Definitely working on the stomp and then the pullback. It’s a LOT easier to get the foot pullback if you don’t have to get OUT of the erg and do something else, because you can cinch the strap down tight.

I was 2nd in the rowing today, and I was close to Ashley’s reps in the (B) – she did 16 I did 15+5. I think that’s also a way to keep track of if I need to move up in weights – see where I am compared to the “big boys and girls.” In other words, if they are doing 10 and I’m doing 15, even if their weights are twice or even three times mine, I have to up my weight because one “should” be getting closer to 10 (if that makes sense). So I’m going to start paying attention to that. Usually I’m WAY behind – for example, when we did Jack the other day which was 60 bar-facing-burpees, 30 pullups, 30 <something> and I got 50 burpees PERIOD, whereas the “big boys and girls” got a couple reps of the whole set. But today I realized when it’s something like the (B) we did today, that I need to not only look at the weights from the standpoint of “how I felt” doing them, but ALSO how I’m “comparing” to the Rx’ers.