Day 150 (Feb 2): “Conditioning” workouts…

You know, sometimes I think that Bo (our programming director) is just evil.

Here is the regular WOD, and the Conditioning WOD, for today:

14 Min AMRAP
3 Snatch 61/43KG
1 Muscle Up
12 Wall Ball

14 Min AMRAP
12 KBS 1.5/1P
5 Pull Up
12 Wall Ball

5 Overhead Squats
400M Run

I mean, SERIOUSLY. So we have to do the 4 RFT and THEN we have to do “OGAR”? Yeah, that’s what Conditioning has become – it’s always like “regular WOD – Fran. Conditioning – run a mile – Fran – row a mile.”

My eyes are doing much better (thank you). Frankly I think I might see just as well as I did with my glasses. Which is brill, since they said that I would have perhaps worse “close” perception. I think I am doing fairly well there.

Yesterday’s WOD:


A: Shoulder Press 4 x 5

B: 5 Rounds 30 Sec On 30 Sec Off
Box Jump 24/20″

C: Rounds 30 Sec On 30 Sec Off
Row For Cal
Deadlift 70/45KG

A: 5 Rounds 30 Sec on 30 Sec Off
Shuttle Run 10M
Shoulder Press 30/20KG
B: same as reg. part B
C: same as reg. part C

The shuttle run was funny because the Columbian gal (can never remember her name – she shows up every month like once) was running with her Boston Terrier puppy, all hunched over him. It was mad.

Yesterday I also did Bikram, plus work trade, plus my double under and rope climb for – and I was so wiped afterwards that I had to have H help me fix dinner, then zoned out and even kept the warm pad on all night. I had a thought that this would keep my body from seizing up (laugh). Well, it might have worked because though my body feels “tired” today, it doesn’t feel sore.

Today had the dentist appointment plus a billion errands to run because H has to head to Basel in a few days so suddenly a lot of chores are falling on me. And more by the second.

Okay making my “patented” roast chicken now (we are going through 4 chickens a week at this rate!) and need to go out to do my double under and rope climb videos – then we’re off to Crossfit for the 6:30 p.m. class.

Weight is still ridiculous- though today my body fat is at 27.9% which is lower than the 30% it was at. So that’s good.