Day 143 (1/28) – EveryMove app, MindValley, & Misc.

Today H and I will go to Crossfit at 6:30. Workout is:

400M Run
4 Rope Climb

10 Deadlift 100/70kg
5 Wall Walk Up

My max in deadlifts was 45k, so that’s like 30k (66 lbs) more than that. Yeah, not. Of course we also know that rope climbs and I don’t get along. I can do the run, I can see if I can do the wall walk-up. It was weird yesterday how my shoulder acted up in the jumping rope.

Given as the 45k was HARD for me in the deadlift, and I’ve been away for 3 weeks basically, I figure tonight I should probably just start there. That would be the orange bar (15k) plus 2 10k and 2 5k plates. 10 in a row is going to be rough, but it’s only 5 RFT.

I think I mentioned that I did pullups yesterday, didn’t I? Just 10 with the black band. It was too heavy, so I mainly practiced “hanging” with my arms bent – it was still too much (laugh) but all the green bands were taken. Had to do dips in the warmup and a bunch of other things and there were so many folks in the gym (and I was a tiny bit late) that I just didn’t do everything. Candlestick rocks, stuff like that – which I suck at and need special padding to do (due to my tailbone pointing out instead of tucking in, etc.) – with all the “biggies” there, and it being my first day back, I bailed on those parts. Yeah yeah bad me. I’d like to do pullups every time I’m there, but it’s hard on T and Th because H wants to jet RIGHT after we finish the WOD (he’s not “social” in that way).

Speaking of social – it’s interesting to listen to the Girls Gone WOD Podcast – apparently at their box they “cheer” for one another and start with like some sort of “ra” thing – that would FREAK me out. I don’t want to know that ANYONE is watching me! I DO like a thumbs up if we’re passing each other on the run or a “Go!” if I’m finishing something up, but none of this “big cheer” stuff. Can’t IMAGINE! It’s good to hear though, sort of “backwards” – Joy was talking about going to see her inlaws, and how the Crossfit box there worked – and how she “missed” the whole ra-ra aspect they had at their box which she basically discussed as “the norm.” I am now glad I know that is “out there” because if I were to drop into a box and there was that aspect, I’d probably have a heart attack and be embarrassed as crap.

In my standard rambling blog way ;-) a couple other things I’m trying out this week:

1. EveryMove app. FINALLY an app that syncs with the BodyBugg! THANK YOU! This app is super user-friendly, and gives you “rewards” for being active. Of course, I signed up for the $50 off at – ! (Of COURSE I did!) I actually signed up a week or so ago, but it sends you little “hey are you out there still?” reminders, so I checked it out more fully today. It’s kinda cool….

2.  MindValley Academy. Sue put me onto this one. Jon Gabriel has a whole “Body Transformation” mind/body thing that she recommended to me. I was a bit skeptical but I listened to this week’s audio (no time to watch a video) when I was driving to my eye doctor appointment. I am cautiously optimistic. Also listened to his Morning Induction afterwards (and then sat in the parking lot at the grocery store to finish it), and I liked that, too. He has some very good points. He also talks a lot about “set point” – he and Jonathan Bailor should link up.

Did have my eye checkup, and need to go back to doing the steroid 4x/day as there is some “issue” going on. Harrumph. HOWEVER I don’t have to stop working out or working at the computer. Still can’t swim, use a hot tub, etc. – that’s fine, it’s not on the horizon. Not sure why “sweat in the eyes” is okay – probably the whole chlorine aspect. Went from Berkeley to Kaiser to get the new drugs, they had been called in wrong, walked over to get more Quest bars from MaxMuscle (oops, way longer away than I’d anticipated LOL), then back. Hit United – Mary’s Organic Free Range We-Pet-Them-Every-Day-And-They-Listen-To-Mozart-Until-We-Sneak-Up-On-Them-Super-Fast-When-They-Are-In-A-Meditative-State-And-Wring-Their-Necks-Off chickens are half price still, so I got FOUR more. Yeah we eat a LOT of chicken. I keep telling myself I need to do photos and then a blog post about The World’s Easiest And Best Chicken Recipe – maybe this time!

Only one more day on the free 7-day Transformation emails from Diana Nyad. They’ve been very nice. Moddie’s coming over Wednesday night because I got the Diana Nyad documentary on DVD and we’ll watch it when H goes to his class. I have to leave it in its shrinkwrap because I am ITCHING to watch it! I’d sneak otherwise. Bad me ;-)

UPDATE: I am now taking the photos whilst roasting the chicken. So the post COULD happen! I’ll also have to do a “yes, you REALLY have to season your cast iron pans” post – can’t believe how many people “believe” that their cast iron is “self-seasoned” when they get it.