Day 142 (1/27) – first Crossfit and Bikram day back

>Went to Crossfit today, though I usually don’t do Mondays (because I have yoga work trade plus I try to do yoga at least this ONE day, for the work trade hours! Yes, I could go EVERY freakin’ day every freakin’ hour but noooo-ooooo, I clean those nasty floors and drains and never use the trade. MUST CHANGE!!)

Anyway – so today was:
(A) 5 RFT
5 Back Squat 120/80kg
50 Double under

(B) CrossFit Games 13.4
7 min AMRAP
Clean and Jerk 61/43KG
Toes 2 Bar

I did the back squat with the orange bar plus 5 kg each side and the medium box behind me – it was supposed to be a super duper he-e-e-avy squat as you can see from the above, but this was my first day back. I tried going down to the lower box, but that was a little too low, though the medium box is a little too high. I should likely have done a heavier weight to the medium box, or kept the lighter weight I was doing, and go for the shorter box.

My right shoulder really ached – even though it was only 25 squats, I wound up having to turn my grip over and hold it in close to my shoulder. Grump.

I got up to 75 reps on the (B), again scaling – did the C&J with the 10 lb “swirly bar” and then the T2B just “knees up.” That was ridiculously hard. Yeah so I didn’t work out for 3 weeks, and not really for 2 weeks before that. Harrumph.

I could have done the C&J with the orange bar – not sure I could do the jerk with weights on it – but the swirly was a little heavy by the end but mainly I was doing it with good form. T2B sucked. I think I said that.

Oh – and I did 100 single-unders instead of 50 double-unders. Bill told me I had to do ~200~ single unders, and I basically said “yeah, make me.” Not a chance. The single-unders redlined my heartrate and I had to stop and catch my breath a few times. I actually found a good-but-not-Crossfit jump rope when I was cleaning up the to-be tatami room for H (more on that in a second), and I think I have to just bite the bullet and practice at home. I haven’t wanted to use my Momentum rope because there’s nowhere here to do jump that wouldn’t thrash the rope or the floor. It’s either hardwood where the ceiling would be high enough to jump, or concrete (outside). I found today that I also had trouble with my right shoulder when I was putting the rope “up and over” my head on the first of any set of jumps. (Meaning, if I missed the rope, the next one, where you have to get the rope over your head, then after that your hands are by your sides.) That was new, too. Not so happy. Need to make more appointments, obviously, with Kristina and Chappy. Plus my right hip is really tight and hurts. I’m falling apart!

This weekend went to the Cow Palace dog show on Saturday and saw Susie and Izzy – it was a BLAST! OMG I haven’t been to a dog show in like…years!!!! Izzy got Select which got her her 2nd Grand. She’s such a cutie pie. COMPLETELY fell in love with the miniature bull terriers, and a 9 month old harlequin Great Dane named Beau. Did you know Great Danes are from…Germany? Yeah, I thought Denmark, too. Reminds me of the old joke, “What color was George Washington’s white horse?” “Grey” (since it wasn’t an albino, it was actually a super duper duper light grey horse).

My eyes were so tired when I got home just after noon that I had to lie down. Susie and I were discussing how all the sound in the Cow Palace (especially where they were – which has a metal roof) must have been COMPLETELY overwhelming for the dogs. Well obviously my “new” eyes had the same issue with all the “sights” I was seeing! OMG. I couldn’t even watch TV that evening. Usually H and I (bad us) watch a show or two together after dinner but I couldn’t do it. Listened to an audiobook Sherlock Holmes instead!

Sunday was “Honey Do” day. I had done what H asked me to do in the “room that was my office and is now going to be a tatami room” – moved everything to the side that had been in there, gotten everything out of the closet, bookshelves, etc. etc. Well, he needed more room. He just wanted me to basically push everything back more, but we know I don’t work like that! So I spent quite a bit of time and went through everything that was still in the room, sorting, boxing, etc. I remember when I left Petaluma for San Rafael, at the very end, H was so grumpy about me “taking so long in packing” that he basically made me just throw things into boxes. Then those boxes took me like 10 years to unpack (I wish that wasn’t the actual truth.) Everything was, as my mother would say, “cattywumpus” in the boxes and it was impossible to try to sort them out. So I actually put on the Induction that Sue Bird from did for Moddie and me (more on that next paragraph) and sorted and sorted. It was very productive, and I really got things down to smaller sections and into boxes.

One of the big things that I did was sort up and box the workout stuff that I had – 20 lb. kettlebell, hand weights, pole, dumbbells, etc. Anything that I”m not currently using. That’s where I discovered that jump rope (which I’d forgotten I had). It’s a good rope, but not the “Crossfit kind” – it is more of a “boxing” rope. I’m going to see whether it’s actually long enough for me, and start using it. What the hell, I totally didn’t even know I had it (it came in a “set” of stuff I got ages ago), so if I ruin it on the concrete it doesn’t really matter.

I got Sue to do an induction for both Moddie and me that is a hypnosis for The Amazing Race. She’s unbelievable – I”m serious, if you have ANYTHING that you want to overcome, she’s your gal. I’ve been working with her now for – wow, like 20 years. She talked out what the induction would be with Moddie and me – what we came up with is that we are on Day 4 of The Amazing Race, running up to the mat, Phil is there with a representative from the country, and we’re super excited, we’ve made it through another day, but more importantly, “everything has led up to this moment.” Both Moddie and I are having some trouble with motivation – when we did the Ironman, you have a “count down goal” to it so you have the “fear factor” that if you do not make it to a workout, you will not make it over the finish line. The reason we set it as “Day 4” was that this means that we’ve made it past being the “first couple to get eliminated,” and of course it means we are ON the Race. Sue talks a lot about having to firmly have your energy “connected” to your goal, and if you are FIRMLY connected, the Universe will “find a way.” So by making it Day 4, it means we are not only THERE but we are already succeeding.

I listened to the induction while I was cleaning/sorting, because I wanted to really HEAR what it said. She can do inductions that you can listen to in the car (doesn’t involve the whole “curl up in a comfortable space” and end with “now float off to sleep”) or sleep – we had her do a sleep one, but of course you can listen to it any time. (Just not in the car!) I had listened to it while going to sleep the night before, but of course, I fell asleep!

It is a MASTERFUL induction. It is SO GREAT – I actually listened to it three times through! Just fabulous. Moddie hasn’t listened yet (well, she has done what I did – listened but as she was going to sleep). I told her she’s gotta do it when she’s like doing dishes or laundry so she can hear how great it is.

She’s coming over Wednesday night – I got the Diana Nyad Documentary, and we’re going to watch it together. I want to watch it NOW, but I left it in the shrinkwrap so I keep my sticky paws off it!

And that’s that – off to yoga! YAY ME!