Day 112 (December 18) – Crossfit Rx – !!! – and more…

1st rx deadlifts photoSO excited!

Last night I did my first “Rx” in even a PART of a Crossfit WOD.

The warmup included 3 minutes of jumping rope (really MUST start practicing that now that I have my super duper rope that’s of course still in the BAG), then pullups (did them with the black band – so I was lifting 100 lbs of my big self) and such.

The WOD – as you can see from the chalk photo to the left, was an A/B WOD. We did 5 rounds of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. “A” was Deadlifts and Pushups. “B” was PushPress and Box Jumps. I tried to “crop” the photo and enlarge it, but I’m obviously a WordPress Media idiot and no could do ;-(

I knew the WOD because I’d looked it up online in the morning, and had “decided” to do the Deadlifts at the 45kg Rx. This was a 20kg (44 lb) increase from my previous P.R. It was tough, but not THAT tough. Bo even came up to me – since I did WAY more than the guys did – and said that in reality I needed to up the weight. OVER the Rx! How’s about that!

Pushups I am back doing with my hands on the “desk table” – this shoulder thing really does suck.

We had a break to “set up” the 2nd round – the Rx for girls was to do the Pushpress with a bar without weights, but it would generally be the 15kg bar (red bar). I had only done Pushpresses with 2 5lb dumb bells. So my setup (which looked pretty funny) was the 10lb “swirly” bar plus the 10 kg bar, both on the PVC “U”stands, and then the 2 dumb bells to the side. Bo came up to find out what I was doing – I said I felt strong, and so I was going to start with the 1okg bar, but if that wound up really whacking my shoulder, I would scale down. (the “Chinese menu” of Pushpresses.) I was actually fairly sure I could do at least 2 with the 10kg bar, and I’d have to scale down around round 3 – did the whole thing with it! YAY! It was hard, but I might be able to do the red (15kg) bar next time (which would be the Rx for girls).

On the box jumps, I had been able to do 2 25k plates and a 5k plate, but not this time. We haven’t done box jumps in a while, I think I have to start practicing something like that at home. Unfortunately, after a couple rounds, Bo came up to me too, and explained that I was “plyo-jumping” up. What that basically means is that you’re jumping from your calves, versus getting thrust from your hamstrings/glutes. The way to see if you’re doing this is if you take a little “bounce” before you hop up. Holy cow, it was hard to do it the “right” way! (You can see where I started that in the photo above – that’s the round I went down to 10.) I had been jumping up and stepping down – once I started doing the box jumps “right” it took longer to get my “up” going (yeah, I really suck at box jumps) and so I would jump back down, trying to keep my reps up.

I felt super happy with this WOD and in particular that I FINALLY did SOME part of the WOD at Rx!

This morning I went in – yeah, okay, I totally did it because I knew the “big kids” would be there and I wanted to say I’d done Rx. Pfffft! Well of course this WOD showed ME! LOL.

Warmup was a 400m run (chilly but not bad – we’re back in shorts, but with a sweatshirt), then pushups (did it against the Roman chair), pullups (did the black band as noted from yesterday – again, think I can move to green), V-ups (shoot me now), squats.

The WOD was:

For Time
1 mile run
30 Back squat 85/55KG
10 Muscle Up
30 Back Squat
1 mile run

I really am slow at running and getting slower. Margo lapped me on both rounds! The Muscle Up I did scaled (see below what that meant). Back squat from the rack I did 30kg, I can push that up, maybe just 2-10k plates and red bar (that would be up 5k), but I might actually be able to do the orange (10k) bar and 2-20k plates – MAYBE MAYBE. Key to being comfortable doing this is the box behind my tush! I was hoping I could scale that down (from the medium box to the shortest one) but not a chance.

I’m not really that sore from yesterday’s WOD, amazingly. I’m a bit, in the “crease” of my hips. Not sure what that’s from. Probably the Deadlifts – also, at the top of the box jump Bo was making SURE everyone was standing “straight up” at the top. How Martin did that at the Games was to basically pop his hips forward, so that’s what I did.

And that’s it for today! Going to go see Francine, have my last JLI class tonight, and GOTTA get back on track because I’m a week behind in the Nutrition Certification. I feel bad because Shendl got hers done over a week ago. We just have one tranche of stuff left before the test, too!

Oh – I know, one other thing – quite addicted to the Carrie Brown/Jonathan Bailor podcasts. His book was called something like “The Science of Slim” but that’s now off the market because his “The Calorie Myth” (which I have pre-ordered) is coming out January 1st. I’m starting WAY back with their podcasts from 2012 and working my way up. I definitely understand what they’re saying – very similar to Rosedale. The main credo is eat food that’s high in water, high in fiber, high in protein. Don’t eat fat “alone” (e.g., a stick of butter). I think I talked about the whole S.A.N.E. thing before in the blog – the one thing he talks about that I need to understand is his 20 minutes/week of e-centric exercise. It’s definitely strength/weights, just don’t know what.




Pullups: Off the right side of the new shorter “wall” side of the box, using a short box-jump box and a black band. TRY A GREEN BAND NEXT TIME.

Deadlifts: 45kg! SO EXCITED – that was not only the Rx but also a P.R. (by like 20 kg!) I could do this with effort but not “full” effort. GO UP.

Pushups: Back to hands on the box. Box Jumps: 2 25 kg plates – don’t “plyojump” – STAY.

Push/Press: Did with the 10kg bar, believe I could do it with the 15kg bar, or maybe 10kg with 2 1-kg or 2-kg plates. This is exciting because last time I tracked Push/Press – a week ago – I was doing the 10 kb dumbbells. Even USING a bar was big for me and my stupid shoulder! :-) GO UP.

Back Squats: 10kg bar with 2-10kg weights for a total of 30kg. Believe I could have done it with the 15kg bar – but this is what I said I wanted to try, from the last time we did back squats, so I did what I said I’d do. So I need to GO UP AGAIN – DEFINITELY 5k eg from orange to red bar (total of 35k). Sat back on the middle-high box, STAY with that. 

Scale for Muscle Up: 3 dips (with green band) and 3 “pushups” on the dip bars. Had to do 10 rounds of 3/3, and by the end was “bouncing” off the floor to “help” myself up on the dips. The pushups were fine, the dips, not so much. STAY. (so the scale is 3 dips & 3 pushups = 1 muscleup)