Day 106 – ‘Bucket List’

Today my best grrl Allison came over – she had to do some work, but I was folding laundry (OMG we are SO adults now huh?) – it was great to catch up at least a little. We both commented how when she lived in the CITY we saw each other more. It’s really really weird. I know that both the boys mention it – this is ridiculous! We don’t have a freakin’ BRIDGE between us now (LOL!) Then again, she’s got 2 kids, we are both married now (we WERE dating, but that’s so different), etc. Cray-cray. Anyway, it was SO GREAT to see her and we even set another date for “same time next week.”

In the meantime, tonight I have the big “soiree” at Bullivant – thank GOD they sent out a “reminder” because I thought it was on Friday! OMG! Makes sense though that it’s NOT because it’s at a Michelin-rated restaurant and I imagine that they don’t want to close the whole thing down on a weekend-night (Friday).

Not sure what I’m going to wear. I’m more than a little depressed (ya think, given this blog?) about how much weight I’ve gained. They’re still working on my hormone “cocktail” but I am also gearing myself up to do the Rosedale Diet to attack it from the leptin angle. (Yeah, after eating about 150 cookies and protein balls the other night, sure.) I’m not sure WHAT might fit. H isn’t coming – he’d LOVE to go to this restaurant especially with free-flowing wine and it has GREAT food – but he doesn’t want to be social, and the reason I’m being invited is that I’m super social and make the managing partner look good. I forward my litigation and such to them, and I really like the managing partner anyway, too. So it’s nice to have been invited. Last year I came and really talked up their firm to the high-end clients that are invited – which of course looks good because the room is made up of THEIR lawyers, their high end clients, and ME. If their lawyers talk the firm up, it’s bragging. If ~I~ talk their firm up, it’s not.

Allison just left, so I have to get some things done (including the end of the laundry), shower, and figure out what to wear. It’s a good long drive because the restaurant is in the depths of the City, so I have to leave enough time to get there – want to say it starts at 6:30 so I for SURE have to leave by 5:30, maybe even 5:15.

I MUST get out and HIKE today. I MUST. Moddie and I talked about this – I gotta get that going again especially for WHEN we are on TAR. It’s a nice day outside, it’s just probably crack-&ss cold. (Compared to WHAT of course – yeah – it’s like 20 degrees colder in Colorado….)

NOW back to what I have been thinking of, which is a Bucket List. I have a bunch of things in Pinterest that are bucket list-y, but in reality I’ve never REALLY had much of a bucket list. When I turned 40, H told me I could have a trip anywhere in the world, no holds barred, whatever I wanted. That was SUCH a blast – the only “structure” was that he didn’t have to plan it (laugh!) So we wound up doing the hike from Mt. Blanc to the Mediterranean (the length of the French Alps), but “our” way – meaning, we started at Mt. Blanc, hiked for however-many miles (a good bit), with a guide, the OTHER guide drove all our stuff forward to a super nice B&B, then hiked up the trail and met us, brought us down off the trail to the van to cocktails, drove us to the B&B, then the next morning, we’d drive some to the next place they wanted to put us on the trail, repeat. So we were doing a “best of” hike, and only had to stay one night “overnight” on the trail itself. (Yeah, I know, pampered much??) We got to Menton (the end, at the Mediterranean), then H and I took a train to Italy and spent time in Cinqueterre, which we hadn’t planned on, but which was great.

For my 50th birthday, I had my “do the Ironman before I’m 50” promise I made to myself (foolishly) when I was in my 20s – so I did that. I don’t want to say this is “do before I’m 60 (holy COW how did THAT happen??) – but there really are things I’d like to do and so I thought I’d set them out here, in no particular order (though they do pretty much entail H and me being in “good working order” physically still!)

1. Do the “temple walk” in Kyoto, Japan.
2. Go to Bali and environs.
4. Surf. Really surf – be able to stand up on the board. That will entail more mobility that’s for sure!
5. Get another dog. I’m not sure that will happen, though I’d like to. I fantasize about different “sorts” of dogs. I’d love to have another border collie because I really understand them – but they’re such “wooses.” I would love to have a pit mix with long legs (like Michael’s new WODdog Moo), or a dobie (so so gorgeous, but has to be a SMART one, remember Eisen? DUMB AS A ROCK!), or a bull terrier (OMG SO CUTE and have you seen the MINI ones??? Like a purse bull terrier!)
6. Some Crossfit thing. Not sure. Probably a pull up. Things like muscle ups and handstand pushups and such are so far in the future as to be laughable. Oh – how about a double under!? One!
7. Paddleboard. I so want to try that. Maybe we can when we go to Kona for H’s birthday?
8. Kidnap H somewhere. I just love that idea.
9. Learn how to shoot my hunting bow. PLEASE PLEASE want to do this! (Need to ask for a bale and target from H for Xmas)
10. A Tough Mudder
11. Dog sledding to the Ice Hotel (Mt. Travel Sobek trip) – HUGE HUGE BUCKET LIST THING!
12. That’s it for now ;-) I might add more later – I’ll just try to do it here.