Day 10 – Yoga Postscript

OK – so – to prevent myself from watching more Murder She Wrote reruns, I did the sun salutations from – which I have saved from PBS.

For goodness’ sake – I’m so inflexible. This is ridiculous. A half hour of slow-slow-slow sun salutations and I’m beat and sweating. Ridiculous.

I do the Work Study at Red Dragon so I don’t have to pay the crazy cost of going there. I really have to wonder if it’s not a little silly – considering I’m lucky to make one class a week. Frankly I wish there was a bikram DVD – I do really like the moves. If H actually puts his body where his mouth is and does decide that we should sign up for yoga at the JCC, then I really will quit. I’m sad about it, but after Belinda and I were SO good about going last winter, I really fell off after Belinda and I stopped being so good “together.”

Yeah, so NOW … Murder She Wrote ;-)