Specifics About the Fempower(R) Lifestyle Training Curriculum

Female runner leaving starting blocksThe Fempower(R) Lifestyle Training Curriculum has been well planned and thought out. It models some of the most successful coaching programs available today.

The Curriculum combines the best elements of the best motivational programs into three tools to work through each and every month. This curriculum allows you, as a Member, to come up with your OWN answers. You will look deep within yourself, and discover some important truths about your self-limiting beliefs and stumbling blocks keeping you from prospering.

You will receive these remarkable tools each month… simple, easy to implement, yet powerful in their application and scope. And we will go through them together!

The Curriculum consists of the best of all possible curricula out there today. Some people want “Hard Content” (dealing with how to become more abundant and prosperous!). Some want “Soft Content” (dealing with getting one’s thinking and attitude right). And some want the Mastermind groups more than anything.

Everyone can use the help that the Thinking Tool brings; but if you are an entrepreneur or are self-employed and need to find a way to make more with less time, you’re probably already excited to get at the Abundance Tool! It is also applicable if you are an employee working at a fixed salary — it can help you understand how to make the same money, with less effort and less stress.

The Curriculum also helps you as a Member to participate and tap into the power of the Mastermind group. This concept of a “Master Mind” was originally advanced by the famous author Napoleon Hill in his classic book, Think & Grow Rich. In these groups, which we call Edison Groups, you will use the power of your own intention and vision to craft your mission statement, while other Members help you formulate your strategies and action steps to accomplish your Best Life goal! The Edison Group Session facilitates the sharing of ideas and rapport building among you and the other members of your fEmpowerment Group. It’s a combination of hard and soft content. It will get you thinking, and you and your group will share strategies and ideas of how to implement the curriculum to each live your best lives. You might even find yourself implementing ideas and strategies you helped another member discover.

As they say — a rising tide floats all boats!

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