A Bond Grrl In Training

Not sure what fEmpowerment® Lifestyle Training can do for you? Read this interview with a Bond Grrl in training.
Bond Grrl in miniskirt

Bond Grrl Name

Melodic Orchid (I lived in Asia for 10+ years; this is my Chinese name on my business card!) a/k/a “Moe”

Geographic Location

St Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Professional Life

Global Accounts Manager (responsible for 4 large multi-national accounts accounting for a large industrial adhesive supplier—active in sales & sales management for international industrial multi-nationals for 20+ years)

Marital Status, Age, & Income Level

Married, no kids, 46, income level…let’s just say, highest tax bracket.

What did you “discover” or “uncover” in my seminar(s) or reading the book?

A new appreciation for my “James” and taking ownership of myself, my life and my actions (great advice on clothes and even sex…last chapter!)

Testimonial Quote

Sandra Shepard alias Solitaire helps you to become a better woman with tricks o’ the trade and practical advice that your mother SHOULD have told you but maybe she did and you forgot. Sandra helps with practical advice (how to keep a clean closet) to simple yet effective techniques to keep the flames of a relationship burning. I loved this book and hope to implement the advice as part of my New Year’s resolutions.

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